Mala Beads ☮

I found this article to be really helpful and interesting! I have heard of Mala beads but I have not worked with them or have seen them in person before. Ive always thought about getting some

Have you used Mala beads before? If so how do you like to work with them? Any suggestions on where to buy them? (online shops)


Though I have never worked specifically with Mals beads, I have found that in my Christian practices working with a set of prayer beads that I crafted made my prayers much more intimate. I would encourage the use of any kind of prayer/meditation beads in your practice if you struggle with focusing during meditations or prayers.


I think I might try out these Mals beads for meditations.

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I’ve never used them before, but they are something that I’ve been interested in. I think it would definitely help me focus. I know there are certain practices in a few pagan faiths where prayer beads are used and each bead or set of beads denotes a different line or mantra of the prayer.


I’ve made some friends who were Hare Krishna and they had lots and lots of beads. Their practice is all about mantras so they use them just like explained in the article:

“The practice is similar to the rosary as one recites a mantra or prayer for each bead, repeating it continuously as you move on to the next beads.”

I don’t own one but I found this customer photo from a seller on Etsy and the price is really good, apparently they’re on sale right now.

Mala beads etsy


These are my mala beads. I ordered them from an Etsy shop from India. They are beautiful, have 108 beads on them, the Chakras and the black beads are lava beads so I took my favorite oil to bless them with and now can smell it all the time.