Malaysian green pearls blessed by Monks in Phillipines

Hi everyone, i just have a question is anyone here familiar or knows about green Malaysian/Philippine green pearls? I brought these stunning pearls 111 to be exact on a necklace finished with red strands of yarn i think on the end and when my husband saw them they just ‘sung’ to me… The lady i brought them from told me a friend around 6 years ago brought them from Malaysia and had taken them all the way to an island next to the Philippines to be ‘blessed’ by the monks and she even had pictures to prove it.

The lady also told me they are worn by the local people there for happiness and good health, and are not to be worn if the owner has a serious health condition. The original owner said she was unable to wear them as unfortunately she found out not long after receiving the pearls that she had a heart condition and wanted someone else to wear them and make good use of them.

Is there anyone who know about these ‘pearls’? From my limited experience when i look at them they look very similar to Jade so i am not sure if they are pearls but they came in the original box. I will update with a picture of the pearls and the box too and let me know what you think.


Hi there @TheMuslimWitch I just searched for them and found only the light green Jade when I saw any that looked similar. Green pearls are pretty rare as you say and they are typically cultured and can be grown anywhere in the world and are very asymmetrical. I do know from my own experience that the box you pictured is from India - both Pinjore (further to the south and inland) and Kalka (close to Delhi further north) are in India.

The only necklace I found with a red cord is in the second picture below, but it’s darker and the cord is a brighter red and looks almost like yarn, but it is from the Himalayas.

I hope this gets the ball rolling at least and maybe someone else has better knowledge than I do. One thing about them is that they are gorgeous!!! So lovely. :green_heart:


Thank you this is a very good observation. I just noticed this markings on the inside of the box too and you may be right. Obviously upon viewing them i had doubts about the necklace being pearls and did expect jade but to me that does not make them any less precious. It is hard to gather information unless the buyer knows someone like you with such insight and non-magick folk also tend to know little about the energy/location of the items they possess. Like people say ‘go with your heart’ and i honestly have to say i did on this one. Thank you for taking the time to research this as i tried and failed ridiculously :blush: :blossom:


Well @TheMuslimWitch your source was right about the healing properties though - according to many websites (and others here who know more about stones can correct me or embellish this), but Jade properties are associated with life force, harmony, love, healing, and other wonderful qualities that it can inspire in your life.

So, BE INSPIRED!!! :white_heart:


Thank you and hopefully my new addition will help me to find that inspiration to keep pushing forward and finish my 3 year uni bachelor degree in the last 5 weeks remaining as i am honestly so over it lol. Love and light x


They’re really pretty but I’m afraid I don’t know too much about them. I’m pretty sure the box that they’re in isn’t the box they’re from, though. I looked up those shops (there’s a few under that name in India) and they only sell gold, silver, and diamond. It looks like it’s probably just a jewelry box that they had left over from something else.

It’s a very pretty piece of jewelry, though, no matter if the story is true or not. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes i agree :blush:


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