Mama is here 🤓

Hello all you beautiful Coven memebers…
I am so sorry i have been a little out of touch the last few days. My mom is here till just before new year and she is keeping me very busy… O its so nice spending time with her. My mom doesnt follow the craft but has always had an interest. She is going to celebrate Litha with me which is awesome. Nonetheless, I am not here as much as I would like to be for now… Please forgive me everyone


@yolande1 oh thats super cool. Enjoy your time with your mom.


Spending time with your Mom is more important. It’s all good!


There’s nothing to forgive, @yolande1- you are doing the most important thing which is enjoying this special time with your mother! It sounds like the two of you are having a great time too :blush::heart:

Wishing you both a very happy and blessed Litha- have fun and enjoy the holiday! :sunflower:

Much love and blessed be :sparkles:


No need for apologies, Yolande :heart:

Take all the time you need and spend with your mom! I hope you enjoy spending time with her and celebrating Litha with her!


Thank you so much… I am loving every second of it… My mom is 72 and still going strong… She coughs a lot… Gets sick easily so taking good care of her…
Thank you @MeganB and @BryWisteria And @Mistress_Of_Herbs … You are all really amazing people and O am so grateful to have you in my life…


And I am grateful for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray: :sparkles:


We are grateful for u too hon. And here for u of u need anything.

For your mom’s cough have u tried eucalyptus in a humidifier? Also that migraine oil i make can be used like vicks and helps ppl breathe better, i know it does for me.


When we get to be with mom, that is some of the best time on the planet. Soak in every moment. So glad you are getting to build new memories. Enjoy!!


Thank you @Mistress_Of_Herbs I will ask her about the eucalyptus…

Migrane Oil? I never would have thought… I would really appreciate the recipe if at all possible please? I want to make a few concoctions to send home with mom.
I am sending some of my famous cough mixture which helps her a lot with phlegm and some cream I make for her arthritis which helps her a lot too. She has COPD so I know there is no cure but I want to at least make her life a bit more comfortable. To me she seems so fragile. She weights 38kg… The wind will blow her away. She got COVID when that was going around and she got so sick but survived. Since then she has not been able to put on any weight. I’m feeding her chocolate mousse hahahah… But she loves it.

Thank you so much @TheHoneybee for your warm comment… It is so true what you say. My mom and I were not able to see each other much when I was growing up (long story, horrific father and all) but now I find myself trying to catch up on all the time lost. I do cherish every moment.

Every person is this Coven is so special. It feels so good to be able to share my feelings and thoughts with you and to receive no judgements in return. I appreciate that so much.


U are correct. Everyone here is great. Theres no judgements or condemnation. U just get to be yourself regardless of your path.


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