Manifesting According to Your Birth Chart

This post is based on a video that was sent to me by @meganB. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

What does it mean to speak things into Existence?
Words are one of the most powerful tools that we have to hand. They heal, they hurt, they entertain, the frighten, they motivate, they influence, they inspire and they create.

We think about things and then work to bring them to life. Saying these things out loud sends your intention out and into the open. The universe can then respond, by granting what you desire.

How do you do it?
To practice speaking things into existence, there are some things that you can do:

Decide what it is you want to manifest in to your life. Try and be as specific about your goals as you can. Don’t be too vague.

Use positive language and words that suggest you have already achieved your desire. Don’t say things like " I want". Instead say things like “I am” and “I have”.

Make sure that you say your affirmations out aloud daily or even more than once each day. If you feel uncomfrtable saying them out loud, you can say them in your head.

Create a clear mental picture of what you want to manifest. Imagine yourself already having the desired outcome and focus on how this feels.

While it is important to speak your desires, you must also take action. Break things down your goals into manageable tasks and work towards. You can’t expect the universe to do all the work!

What Next?
OK so now comes to the key point of the post. What area of your life will prove easiest to speak to into existence. To find in out we need to look at…you guessed it… your birth chart! :smiley:

On your chart we should aim to focus on Mercury and the house that it is in. Here is a reminder of what Mercury represents in astrology:

The planet tells us what we will do and the house tells us where we will do it. The 2 combined will highlight which area of life may be easiest to bring your words to life.

First House

This placement suggests that power of your words lies in manifesting improved personal qualities like confidence, courage, or self-love. Words based on self image may also be powerful with this placement.

Second House

If Mercury lies in this house, it suggests that your words have the power to attract money, financial security or material comforts. Your words may even act as a way of making money!

Third House

Mercury in third house suggests that we can use the power of our words to manifest new knowledge, skills or learning related ideas e.g. revision or exam success. You may also be able to effectively manifest closer relationships with your siblings.

Fourth House

This placement suggests that the power of your words could be used to bring peace, harmony, or positive changes to your domestic life or immediate family. The power of your words may centre around creating your own emotional security.

Fifth House

5th House Mercury suggests you have the power in your words to manifest ideas based on creative pursuits, personal passions, or romantic relationships. Your words are also powerful in bringing light hearted fun and joyful experiences.

Sixth House

Mercury in the 6th House brings power to your words in matters of personal wellbeing and health. Your words are also powerful in matters involving new projects or opportunities in your workplace (or in getting a new job).

Seventh House

7th House Mercury suggests that your words are most powerful when aiming to establish and build healthy relationships. They may be romantic or platonic. Your words are also powerful in matters involving fairness balance and justice.

Eighth House

The 8th house wirh Mercury brings powerful words in matters of personal growth, overcoming challenges and facing fears. Your words are also powerful when dealing with metaphysical or taboo subjects.

Ninth House

Mercury in the 9th House suggests the power of your words arises in matters that bring opportunities for travel and expanding your worldview. Manifestation of higher wisdom and spiritual growth are also possible with the power of your words in this placement.

Tenth House

When Mercury is in the 10th House, it means your words may have the power to manifest professional success, recognition from others or achieving your career goals. Words can also increase your reputation and public image.

Eleventh House

Mercury in the eleventh house suggests that your words have most power when you aim to attract like-minded friends or achieve collective goals. Your words may also have the power to make a difference in matters of social justice.

Twelfth House

Mercury in the 12th House suggests your words at their most powerful when you desires positive link to your subconscious mind, dreams, or spiritual growth. Your words can also help you to bring empathy, healing and intuition to the fore.

The sign placement of Mercury can provide an insight into how we can use or communication and thinking to manifest and speak things into existence.


When Mercury is in Aries, your words grow with directness, assertiveness, and a strong sense of self. You communicate with confidence and enthusiasm and you will often take the lead in conversations. You communicate in a straightforward and action-oriented manner.

Therefore, you may speak things into existence by taking immediate action and speaking your intentions aloud and with confidence. You should set clear and specific goals, assertively communicate your desires, and pursue them with bold and decisive action.

Create an action plan.


Mercury in Taurus suggests thar your words grow through stability, practicality, and a grounded approach. You choose your words carefully and give off a sense of reliability and consistency. Your communication style is patient, deliberate, and often carries a touch of sensuality.

Therefore, you should aim to speak things into existence with a patient and persistent mindset. Create a clear vision of what you want, express your intentions with conviction, and then work steadily towards your goals with consistent effort and determination.

Create a manifesting altar or display objects that represent your desires.


Mercury in Gemini indicates that your words grow through versatility, curiosity, and adaptability. You are a natural with all forms of communication and enjoy will express yourself through various means. Your communication style is lively, engaging, and stimulating.

Therefore, you may speak things into existence by utilising your versatile and adaptable communication skills. You might focus on positive self-talk. They may also benefit from journaling, affirmations, and visualisations to reinforce their intentions.

Write down intentions or engage in collaborative manifestation rituals.


Your words grow with sensitivity, emotion, and intuition. You have a nurturing and empathetic communication style, often expressing yourself in a caring and compassionate manner. You have a talent for connecting deeply with others.

Therefore, you should aim to approach any manifestation by connecting with your emotions and nurturing your intentions like you would a family member. Express how achieving them will make your feel and capture this in a visualisation or journal.

Embed the cycles of the Moon into your manifestation practice.


Your words grow with creativity, confidence and passion. You have a charismatic and theatrical communication style, often expressing yourself with flair and enthusiasm. You enjoy being the centre of attention and have a natural ability to engage others with your words.

Therefore, you should approach any manifestation with a confident and expressive mindset. Speak like you already have it in the bag, draw it, sketch yourself having achieved it already. You may also benefit from sharing goals and aspirations with others, using your natural charisma and leadership qualities to win support and collaboration from others.

Visualise or tell stories about you having already achieved your desires.


Your words grow with precision, practicality, and attention to detail. You have a meticulous and analytical communication style, often expressing yourself in a clear and logical manner. You excel at organising information and conveying it effectively.

Therefore, you should manifest using a meticulous and detail-oriented approach. Create organised plans, break down goals into actionable steps, and communicate your intentions through clear and concise words and writing.

Keep a journal to track progress


Your words grow with harmony, diplomacy, and a desire for fairness. You have a balanced and tactful communication style, often seeking to find common ground in conversations. You excel at expressing yourself diplomatically and mediating conflicts.

Therefore, you should manifest by focusing on balance, harmony and collaboration. Avoid words that highlight conflict or negativity towards others. Express yourself clearly and articulately, expressing your desires in a concise and understandable manner. Using constructive self talk will keep your mind balanced and in a positive mindset.

Share desires and intentions with a partner.


Your words grow with intensity, depth, and insight. You have a probing and perceptive communication style, often delving into profound and transformative subjects. You possess the ability to uncover hidden truths and express yourself with emotional depth.

Therefore, you should manifest by delving deep into your desires and harnessing your emotional intensity. Speak with unwavering beleif in yourself. Infuse your words with passion and conviction. Don’t be afraid to express your emotions through your affirmations. Peel back the layers and uncover your hidden truths. Speak about your vulnerabilities and turn then into words of transformation.

Try shadow work and use crystals to assist with your manifesting.


Your words grow with optimism, enthusiasm, and a thirst for knowledge. You have an adventurous and philosophical communication style, often expressing yourself with a sense of humor and a broad perspective. You enjoy sharing ideas and beliefs.

Therefore, you should manifest with a positve and optimistic mindset. Show your exictement through your tone and words. Use affirmations that take risks and remove you from your comfort zone. Allow your words to liberate you and promote a sense of freedom and independence. Also think more your desires - why is it signifies ificant? How does it fit with your values? If you can see the deeper meaning then it promotes a deeper understanding and appreciation.

Perhaps incorporate processes and rituals from different cultures.


Your words grow with practicality, ambition, and authority. You have a disciplined and organized communication style, often expressing yourself in a structured and goal-oriented manner. You excel at conveying professionalism and leadership.

Therefore, you should manifest with a disciplined and goal-oriented mindset. You might use precise, detailed and clear langauge to manifest things that have measurable results. Speak with the authority needed to bring your manifestations into reality. Express commitment in your thinking and hold yourself accountable. Think about structure, logical progression and organisation of your intentions.

Create a structured and organised long term plan.


Your words grow with innovation, intellectualism, and a focus on the collective. You have an unconventional and visionary communication style, often expressing yourself with originality and a progressive mindset. You thrive in expressing ideas that challenge the status quo.

Therefore, you should manifest with an innovative and unconventional mindset. Use future thinking language (e.g.evolve, advance, innovate) and inclusive words/phrases choose words that are non judgemental, accepting and respectful. Also, use your words to manifest for the wider society, not judt for you individually. Use your words for the greater good!

How can you bring technology into your practice?


Your words grow with sensitivity, empathy, and imagination. You have a poetic and intuitive communication style, often expressing yourself through creative and metaphorical language. You possess a talent for understanding and articulating the deeper mysteries of life.

Therefore, you should manifest with intuition and imagination. Aim to use creative and poetic language such as metaohors, vivid descriptions and words that appeal to senses and bring out emotions. Aim to consider the wellbeing of others in your words too. Letting go and forgiveness may also be embedded into thoughts and words. You may also choose to reference deities, spiritual beings etc in your affirmations.

Incorporate dreamwork, music and art into your practice.

My Mercury is in Taurus in the 12th House. If I combine these, it means that I may experience success when I focus my intentions on my subconscious mind, dreams and spiritual growth. I can make the most of this by taking a stable, practical and a grounded approach. I should choose my words carefully create a clear vision of what I want,. I should also express my desires with conviction, and then work steadily towards my goals with consistent effort and determination.

Where do you manifesting powers lie?

Blessed be



I’m still half-asleep, so this is going to be interesting… :laughing: :black_heart:

Aww, it makes me happy to read that I can bring empathy and healing to the fore. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It is interesting that the Taurus information describes what I already do to achieve my goals. Working steadily is what we do. And the bit about choosing my words carefully is interesting, too – unless I’m half-asleep or something, I usually use my words very intentionally. :smile: :black_heart:


My brain isn’t working. How do I find out my house


You will need your birth chart. If you don’t have it, there are lots of sites online that cast them for free. E.g. cafe astrology or astro-seek. You will need your date of birth, place of birth and exact time of birth.

Then, look at the sign and house that mercury is located in. Mercury is very often (but not always) in the same sign and house as your Sun.



If you’ve made a birth chart somewhere, it should say it.


This is where I’m looking I don’t get it :laughing:

So many words on this report I’m lost see if u read this. I put my info in I’m Gemini


Is there an actual chart in the report? Not the explanation but the round chart?


Look for a section that looks like the screenshot I shared. The planets on the left and Roman numerals on the right. It’s the third table for me.


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To get a shareable link, you need to check the checkbox for that when filling out the form.


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Look for Mercury and see what number it says on the right.

Or share a screenshot of the table.



Its your 5th house but not sure of the sign.


So your Mercury is in the fifth (V) house then.


I’m Gemini. So do I look under the drop down on fifth house and Gemini?


Yep! That’s it. :black_heart:


Is Gemini your Mercury placement or is that your sun sign?


Oh, I went with sun sign. :woman_facepalming: I’m going to have to check my Mercury sign.