Meaning of my Dream

Good morning to you all from my side of the planet :south_africa:Joh had the strangest dream. Can someone maybe help with the meaning.

I was dressed as a bride, all dressed in white with a veil over my face and the brightest red roses in my hand. While I am walking down the idle I see a coffin in front. As I got to the front of the church, I took my veil of and open the coffin… I was looking at myself laying in the coffin.I had the warmest and happiest feeling ever

What the fudge does this mean? :astonished:


I think the symbolism of your dream is very interesting. :+1:

  1. First, you have an important rite of passage (the wedding, but it could be something else) and you acknowledge that you are prepared for it (the veil, dress, roses).
    You seem confident in what you are doing, fully committed to a transition towards a new beginning in your life. It could be anything from a serious commitment to starting something that gives you more independence.

  2. Then you have something that looks like a funeral. This is a past version of yourself that you have let go. It represents that something in your life has ended. You have decided to leave the past behind and move forward with your life. I imagine lots of success and wonderful new beginnings in your future.

Go for it!


Such a fascinating dream, @Maggi! :star_struck: I wonder if it was influenced by the current Mercury Retrograde- others (and myself included!) have been having some strange dreams lately.

Francisco gave a wonderful interpretation of the dream- I love the message he revealed for you! :star_struck:

Just adding on to that- I’ve found that the best way to measure the meaning of the dream is to examine how you feel as you experience it. That warm and happy feeling you mentioned is a clear pointer that the overall message is one of positivity and success :sparkles:.

Other meanings and revelations about the dream may reveal themselves with time- so consider keeping a Dream Journal and writing both the dream and your interpretation of it. Then in the future, you can look back and reflect on what the dream led to! :blush::open_book:

Blessed be! :two_hearts:


I’ve been having strange dreams but it’s like over time, the same dream outline but different people and places.

I’m helping a girl because she’s being hurt or neglected in some way. We’re escaping from a guy who’s abusive in some way. In every dream, I have two babies, a boy and a girl, sometimes they’re twins. The girl that I help is also helping me with something as well. Then towards the end of the dream, we face the guy, the girl dies and I’m against the hateful man…then I wake up.

Grr :confounded: what in the world?? Over a time span of approximately 8 months, I’ve had the same type of dream in the same scenario and I wake up. It’s like I’m trying to tell myself serving but I can’t point it out because I don’t know who or what the crazy man in my dreams is.


Thax alot @Francisco. When I woke up it didn’t seem like something good.
And today I feel drained and emotional. Even when I laugh then the tears flow.Could that maybe be part of the new beginning?


@christina4, your dream to me speaks of past hurt and neglect your mind is trying to make sense of and process the related feelings… in another topic I remember you mentioned having PTSD which I’ve also been diagnosed with so I can see a lot of similarities. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through that, I know that’s not easy, and I apologize in advance if I say something that hurts or is triggering, or if I’m just reading things wrong.

The girl most likely is your inner child, the most sensitive and vulnerable part of you who got hurt by whatever you’ve had to go through… she isn’t as much dead as buried under a lot of guilt and defense mechanisms, but her “death” in the dream is a cry for help. That she’s also helping you tells of reaching out too, by helping her you’re also helping yourself and the other way around.

The boy might be a tougher part of you, who’s helping you face it all. He means well, but his advice and actions might often be exaggerated.

The hateful man might be a caricature of a real person, or representing many hostile people and/or situations from your past. That you have to face him alone… if you’re sometimes dropping into a flashback you know you’re feeling very alone and small. It might help to know that it’s a survival mode meant to protect you, where all kinds of rational thinking is locked out on a physical level so it’s not the kind of state you can think yourself out of, not now and not in the past either. What might help though is to have a contingency plan for that in advance, like this 13 step list somewhere you can easily reach it.

A lot of this might be projection and if so I’m sorry for making assumptions… but if not, you’re not alone. Much love and power to you either way :heart:


It’s as if you’ve just written a chapter of my life! You’re very spot-on. You’re good at interpreting dreams. Thank you for your response and ill look into the 13 step list you provided.
Btw, yes I have flashback’s but more so, I disassociate. Where I daydream and can’t snap out of it


My first thought is that you’re moving through a transition in your life. You’re ready to commit to something you seek and leave the “old you” behind.

It’s important to remember, though, that dreams are very subjective and personal. Only you can decide what the true meaning of your dream is.


While not exactly the same, Dream Moods Dream Dictionary says:

Dreaming of a hearse at wedding represents a major transition in your life. The symbolism of both the hearse and the wedding is about an end to something and the beginning of a new phase in your life.


@christina4 I hope it helps, and thank you for your kind words! :blush: The same site has plenty of other articles that may also be useful, and I can vouch for the book too.

Our minds and bodies can be very clever, trying to protect us from (more) harm, and it can be very freeing to be able to tell when that’s happening vs. when we’re actually in control. It can help with focusing our intentions better too, more to match what we actually want and less what we’re afraid of. It’s a subject close to my heart, feel free to DM me if you want to talk more!


I’m sorry that you’re emotional! I can understand by being emotionally drained and centering and definitely grounding are my best friends lately! Lol but I hope you figure out what all this means :heart:


This dream interpretation is beautifully thought out, @CelestiaMoon! :clap: It was a delight to read. I agree with @Christina4- it is clear that you have a natural knack for reading dreams! :sleeping::two_hearts: