Meditation and dreams

is it normal to start having strange and vivid dreams after beginning meditation practices? I’ve always had them just not so every night


Meditation, like prayer, strengthens the part of our brains that controls memory, recall, and lets us be open to the idea of a higher power, among other things. So it’s natural to begin having more vivid dreams and visions when meditating.

Here is just one link on the subject. The Google rabbit trail gets deep.


Thanks for that link @praecog29. That was a very interesting read!

@sandra3 I think it’s a good sign of progress and that you’re doing something right.

In my experience, meditation was useful to stop having nightmares. I think meditating regularly tends to increase everyday awareness of thoughts and emotions. And because this ability grows stronger, it then influences my dreaming state.

I hope that makes sense!


Really interesting read, @praecog29- the mind truly is so fascinating! :star_struck: Meditation has always been interesting to me because it’s something that both science and magick encourage. It really has a host of benefits :sparkles: Thanks for sharing!

I think this is very normal, @sandra3! :grinning: As meditation opens your mind, you are now going deeper within your own consciousness and your mind is likely becoming more active. It makes sense that a more-active mind will lead to more intense and vivid dreams while you sleep. As long as these dreams don’t interrupt the quality of your sleep (i.e you are still getting a good night’s rest!) then I wouldn’t worry. Relax and enjoy the new wonders of your mind! :thought_balloon::two_hearts:

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