Meditation message

I was doing a deity meditation recently with one of my deities Medusa and during this meditation She gave me a cup, I asked my pendulum about this and it said there’s some symbolism that I’m not understanding, also I’ve been looking into buying a cup for Her thats nice so maybe it was partially an ‘I’m happy with what you’ve given me and now I give this to you’ anyway enough rambling lol does anyone have any insight on this situation?


Cups in tarot are for emotions, maybe it has something to do with that? I’m not sure.


I’ve never personally worked with Medusa, so I’m not sure if this connection would make sense to you, but cups are also associated with divine feminine energy. In Wicca, the chalice is often seen as the womb on the Goddess because it is a vessel of creation. The cauldron is seen the same way. Maybe Medusa is asking you to connect with your inner feminine energy in a way you haven’t done before. This would be something like strength and guidance, especially considering that Medusa is a gorgon and seen as a strong feminine entity.

Cups also correlate to emotion, intuition, and the subconcious mind. There could be some symbolism there, as well, giving you a direct connection to your inner world.


thank you! this was very enlightening!


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