Meditation on Compassion

Join me for a moment of reflection on compassion.


I have felt so angry and sad since last Tuesday.


Sending big hugs to you, Ostara :people_hugging: :heart: Did something happen, or are you perhaps stuck in a dark cloud? Either way, I hope it passes for you soon :pray:

Love and Light to you! :candle::two_hearts:

Always such beautiful and meaningful meditations, @Silverbear- thank you so much for sharing this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The day started out really good. I took a few hours off to go to my granddaughter’s kindergarten graduation. That afternoon a co worker asked me if I saw what happened and I went to her desk and saw the Uvalde school shooting. That town is about 300 miles away from me and it’s a small town like the one I live in. It was just so sad and tragic. I feel so bad for the parents and grandparents of those children. How could that happen again? We live in an evil world.


I know – I often think about my two grandbabies when it’s time for them to go to school. Things need to change - I don’t know what the answer is…but something has to change. :frowning:


SilverBear, it would seem that your posts are always timely or I am led to the right one to sooth my wounds and lighten my heart. Thank you.
My Love is with you always.


Thank you. I appreciate you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@SilverBear I know that I don’t publicly recognize what you give us in hope and the strength to not only endure but to overcome.
With my deepest respect and love.


I understand your anger. I have nieces and nephews and I’m relieved that they’re on summer vacation, so I don’t have to worry for their safety… for now. What’s frustrating is, things have should have changed after Sandy Hook, but, sadly, nothing did. With Uvalde, it’s the same arguments, rhetoric, and no solutions. 🫤


@Ostara We watched the coverago of the tragedy on the news :cry: I don’t know what the news reporters are saying about it in the USA, but the European news channels are beyond horrified that they continue to have report about such things in the USA. It is heartbreaking every single time.

I agree with @Silverbear and @Kasandra- things need to change. We as adults have a responsibility to keep the kids safe :pray::heart:

Perhaps compassion is part of the answer- I always wished that schools taught a class on compassion and empathy. Help connect people with one another from an early age, fostering both love and understanding :handshake: :two_hearts:


There are still so many questions about how this happened. Every time I go to my grandchildren’s school to pick them up I have to call the school first and the doors are always locked. I have to push a button and they see me on the camera to let me in. At my granddaughters kindergarten graduation there was security everywhere. We had to go to the office and get a visitor tag and I didn’t look at it as an inconvenience at all. With all of that you think your babies are safe, but they aren’t. An 18 year old can’t buy cigarettes or beer in this state unless they are 21, but they can buy an AR 15? It doesn’t make sense.


I always wished they taught mindfulness or meditation. I am teaching mindfulness to my grandson now - maybe that generation will be the one to make the change. Although I do hope it comes sooner!


I’m in the same boat- for things as important as protecting our loved ones, going through a few additional layers of security is actually something I appreciate :pray:

That is so wonderful you are teaching such important things to your grandson! And yes, the future really is in their hands- but I do hope we can hand it over to them in a better state than it is right now :earth_americas: :heart: