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Hello everyone

I have been meditating for around 2 years, starting at first to help me with my mental health.

However, i wanted your take on something which has only started recently. The past few weeks, i have been having strange sensations during meditation since I started on meditations focused more on connecting with deity or pathfinding.

One of these is that i am physically spinninga ound on the spot. Even with my eyes closed it feels like what i can only describe as being on a spinning fair griund ride. It actually gets quite intense to the point where the only way to stop is to open my eyes.

The other, newer experiences is that of my eyes being forced to close tightly to the point where i feel the lods squeezing together. I am aware of this happening so know its not happening subconsciously. I then get what i can only describe as being like REM where my eyes blink rapidly (but my eyelids are closed). This i can handle without opening my eyes as the longer it goes the darker and quieter things go around me. This is when a face of a bird nomrallt appears…its eyes where mine are and its beak where my nose is. This doesnt frighten me…it intrigues me

Are these things anyone else has experienced?


Wow, congratulations to you for keeping a meditation practice up for so long! :clap: Two years is a long time to be consistent with something so bravo to you! :blush:

I can’t say that I’ve experienced the bird-like face with meditation but I have experienced the feeling of movement while meditating. For me, I always associated it with my vertigo and inner-ear issues… :sweat_smile: maybe it’s a feeling I should explore more!

I believe it could be a sign of spirit flight, your fetch (spirit body) trying to dislodge itself and move about. Maybe you can sit with that feeling a bit more and see what happens!


Hi @Cosmic_Curiosity!

I was going to mention vertigo, but Megan beat me to it! :laughing: :+1: I get a dizzy, woozy feeling that sounds similar to what you’ve described sometimes when I close my eyes (often when trying to fall asleep) and I blame my issues with vertigo and headaches. Opening my eyes always seems to the do the trick to get it to stop.

That being said, since it is only occurring when you meditate (and you don’t have other issues with vertigo), it could definitely be worthwhile to look into :mag:

That’s really cool! :grinning:

I’ve had a few times while meditating where I got the sensation that the tips of my fingers were becoming feathers, but it’s never gone further than up to my shoulders/ upper back.

I agree with Megan- it could be your own spirit attempting to take flight, the presence of a spirit animal or guardian, or perhaps a deity. Are you maybe able to get a sense as to what kind of bird it is? :raven: :bird: :eagle: :sparkles:


It only happens when meditstuong. Ive never had issues wirh vertigo in the past.

The bird is white aroind the eyes wirh dark around the head and down onto the beak…i say dark because I cannot ponpoint the colour. This does not frighten me i have to say. It has happened more than once so im kinda disappointed when it doesnt happen🤣


Hmmm… I’m no bird expert, but hawks and falcons came to mind. Here are a few picture guides- maybe one of these jumps out to you? :eagle: :mag:


Picture from Animal Spot: Types of Hawks


Picture from Animal Spot: Types of Falcons

It sounds like it is becoming a beloved part of your meditation routine! :grinning: In that case, I hope it happens more for you- enjoy it, and blessed meditating! :heart::person_in_lotus_position:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Thank you for giving me those picture guides. Its defintiely like the lanner or saker falcon. Need to do some digging as to possible meanings.


It’s my pleasure, @Cosmic_Curiosity- I’m really happy if the pictures helped! :heart: I love visuals, they can really help to determine what was what in a vision or reading :grinning:

I bet if you google the bird names you get lots of information about each- using their general info can help you build your own personal interpretations. For more to search through, there are plenty of spirit animal/guide sites out there that share spiritual symbolism for each animal.

Here’s one for falcons–> Falcon Spirit Guide

Good luck- I hope you’re able to learn more about your bird! :sparkles:


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