Menstrual cramps tea

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Thank you. :black_heart:

I went looking for vitex berries and found they’re also called chaste tree berries.

Chaste berry (Vitex agnus-catus) is the fruit of the chaste tree. Women have used chaste berry since ancient times to help reduce the symptoms of menstrual problems and to stimulate the production of breast milk. Modern clinical trials have expounded on this ancient knowledge and Chaste tree berries is now widely used for PMS, menstrual irregularities and mastalgia. It has also been used in cases of teenage acne.

Caution: due to the hormonal normalising effect of this herb, please do not take whilst pregnant, taking contraceptives or dopamine medications, or suffering from breast cancer. - Chaste Tree Berry

And there’s more! This search has led me back to an online herbs store that I’d forgotten about. :partying_face:


Oh! Neat seeing this here today- I actually just bought a tincture containing chaste tree berries yesterday (for women’s health, and hopefully as a menstrual cramp aid too!). I don’t think I’ve taken a blend with chaste berries before, I’m excited to give them a try! :grinning:


@starborn yes love. Every herb has “another” name for it. Welcome to the herb rabbit hole.

Example: Angelina root is also called dong quai


@BryWisteria vitex berries or Chasteberries are amazing for womens health. So is black cohosh.


I’ve heard that’s a good herb for women too! :grinning: :herb:

I took a look and I don’t see it in this particular blend that I bought the other day:

From HerbPharm

But there’s the dong quai (angelica root) that you just mentioned! :wink: :+1:

Interesting that they use the “root without rootlet”. Perhaps the main root has more plant essence than the rootlet does? It sure is hard to clean the little tiny roots. I dug up parsley root the other day and scrubbing it took forever :herb: :sweat_smile:


@BryWisteria thats why its key to research what u are buying prior to injesting or even putting on your skin (ex: poultice).


Sage advice :pray: :herb: :green_heart:

As it’s a new tincture with three herbs that are new to my body, I’ll be starting out with a very low dose and recording any side effects should they occur.

Here’s to hoping the tincture will help! :pray: