Mercury enters the foray! ⚪

Next up to join the retrograde gang- Mercury!

That puts us at 5 planets (and an asteroid!) in retrograde currently- no wonder it feels like the world’s going a little mad!

Pluto- April 25th to Oct 4th- small but mighty Pluto is offering us all the power to harness deep personal reflection and to transform ourselves into something new :butterfly: Pluto’s annual retro will help us process what needs to be mentally released in order for us to move forward with birthing a new life for ourselves- how cute is Pluto! :heart_eyes: NB: whilst technically now a Dwarf Planet, Pluto is super powerful and so is still regarded as significant in astrology circles.

Saturn- May 10th to Sept 29th- strict and serious Saturn will be handing out some tough lessons in love and life during its annual retro. It will also give us the chance to redefine our personal and professional boundaries. Also referred to as the Karmic planet, :yin_yang: Saturn will force us to look at the way we behave and reevaluate if that behaviour is acceptable. “We reap what we sow”- sounds scary, but Saturn retro is actually quite positive.

Venus- May 13th to June 25th- my personal favourite, sweet Venus, is making us dig deep and think about what we really want in our love lives.:revolving_hearts: This retro happens around every 18 months, but when you combine Venus with the influence of Gemini during this retrograde communication and honesty around our love lives becomes heightened. Be warned for the return of exes during this phase! Old loves and friendships tend to resurface in this retro period.

Jupiter- May 14th to Sept 12th- lucky Jupiter is going a bit easier on us than some of the other planets, he brings us blessings, expansion, growth and learning in all different areas of our lives :four_leaf_clover: Jupiter will encourage us to evolve during this retrograde- I really look forward to Jupiter’s yearly retro!

Pallas- May 18th to Nov 5th- whilst not a planet, Pallas has a significant influence over us. Pallas is the inner warrior of reason, he governs over how we make big and difficult decisions or plans, and helps us to temper our base instincts (like rage or lust) with sound judgment and reasoning. Phew. :sparkles:

Which brings us to Mercury!

Mercury- June 18 to July 12th- when thinking of this planet retrograding I was taught- “measure twice cut once”! This retrograde usually happens 3 or 4 times a year and has the power to cause chaos! Mercury is the planet of communication, travel and technology, controlling what we say and we how we process what we hear from others. :exploding_head:

Many people find themselves effected by Mercury’s retrograde but if you have a sun sign or rising sign that is governed by Mercury (Gemini :gemini: and Virgo :virgo:) you may be especially vulnerable. This particular retro is happening in Cancer :cancer:- so if you have Cancer in your Sun or rising sign this may be intense for you.

Either way, with the planet of communication retrograding in the emotional watery depths of Cancer, we can all expect some emotional outbursts at some point! :volcano: Just try to bear that in mind if you find yourself snapping (or being snapped at!)

Remember- measure twice, cut once! Think before you speak, double check that email and reread that small print in your contracts. Leave extra time for travel and avoid starting any huge new projects.

Before you panic, retros aren’t all that bad. They give us the opportunity to rethink, revisit, revise, reevaluate, reflect and moving forwards, to restart :eight_pointed_black_star:

This year is a BIG one for retrogrades/emotions/life changes :earth_asia: (All this and we haven’t even had Solstice yet!) so if you feel a bit overwhelmed, don’t be hard on yourself, this year is going to have a huge impact on a lot of people but, in the long run, it’s going to be for the better :relieved:



Thank you for all this useful Astrology information!! :clap: :clap:

And for the lovely piece of advice! Thanks, @mrs Abs!!

I know we have a couple of Witches here with Gemini rising in their chart, @Amalia for example!

I’m adding a chart I found on Pinterest with the dates of each retrograde for 2020:


Wow, @mrs! This is such helpful information- thank you for your clear explanations! I know a bit about astrology, but I was completely unfamiliar with retrogrades before this- thank you! :star2: :two_hearts:

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Dreamy Neptune and inventive Uranus and fierce Mars to finish off the year :dizzy: can’t wait!

I will post a bit more info, when I have time, about how people with planets in certain houses can be affected etc.

It’s really interesting to study someone’s chart, time consuming, but interesting! :grinning:

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You’re welcome :blush: lots of retrogrades get a bad rap but, whilst they can cause chaos, it’s almost like they give us a 2nd chance or a chance to step back and think before jumping in :+1:t2: