Mermaid, the beautiful Guide Dog

My husband, who is severely visually impaired due to diabetic retinopathy, returned home Friday after three weeks at a guide dog school, accompanied by the sweetest yellow lab ever born, “Mermaid Cottage,” affectionately known as “MC.” We are overwhelmed with joy at this event. I wanted to share, and to ask if there is a special blessing ritual I can do for them, as well as the two babies we have at home. My heart overflows with gratitude, and I’ve asked Hecate to especially bless MC as well as her classmates. I’d like it to be a gratitude ritual as well as a blessing.

Blessed be!


Here’s a Prayer of Gratitude Spell :pray: for you.
You can also print it for your Book of Shadows.

“MC” sounds like such a beautiful blessing. I’m so happy for you and your family.

P.S. Here’s more:
Artemis’ Gratitude Devotional Prayer
Gratitude Salt Spell
Sacred Blessings Prayer Spell


@kim7 , Honey , you and Hubby are blessed, Labs are the best!
Stay safe, love you both,
Blessed be
@marsha , didn’t mean to miss you, prayers are wonderful. I just saw dog…I thought PUPPY! and had to talk with kim.
Bless you Dearest


I don’t have any spells but congratulations! Your husband is a lucky guy to have a guide dog!


Very good choices @marsha I did the second spell which was suggested and it qorks quite fine :slightly_smiling_face: but their are all good.


A warm welcome to “MC”- she sounds like a true blessing and a very sweet pup! :dog: :two_hearts:

I can see Marsha shared a wonderful collection of gratitude and blessings spellwork- hopefully you can find the perfect spell to bless those dear to you! :heart:

Good luck and many blessings, Kim! :blush:


Marsha, thank you for taking the time to share these prayers. I will be using one of them, or more, maybe this weekend when things are a bit calmer. Who am I kidding? There is always something going on around here, so waiting for calm might be a bit futile! It’s all good, though. Definitely signs of life around here, and for that I am grateful! Thank you so much, and blessed be!


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