Merry Meet from East Texas

People in general these days are more concerened about how different others are from them and so focused on finding something negative about it that they forget to look at themselves. It all boils down to each individuals perception and understanding of things.


We’ll call him Mike, my son was like, “Mike, you’re the one that is going to live here, be yourself & not me. I’m going home Friday. This is your life now.”

My son doesn’t care because he went through a whole series of things & he told me, I accept who I am & I don’t know other’s circumstances, so I’ll do me & they can do them. Mike is very, appearances & such. As a person, my son said the main difference is, “Mike doesn’t appreciate what he has or gets. They are just things that get tossed. Everything is disposable or replaceable with something better. He’s not going to survive out there or anywhere until he accepts himself & learns to be grateful”

I guess it’s the difference between the way they were raised & their circumstances. They grew up with each other, but they are two very different people. it was just a funny story because they wound up wearing the same outfit & Mike who is so appearance oriented just couldn’t believe that he didn’t fit in acting like my son & went a totally different way than he expected.

The way it was worded by the waitress was different for my son too. He wasn’t expecting the way she said it, even though she was very pleasant & happy. He said she was a great waitress but “Mike” was embarrassed the rest of the meal & tried to avoid eye contact.

I have already been told by my son that when my daughter is out of high school, I am moving to the area he lives in down south because he knows how much I love the south. I personally have lived in TX on two separate occasions & two separate areas & KY. My father & mom moved to FL in 2003. My brother lived in GA but was transferred to Ft. Bragg, so now is in NC but goes to GA most weekends. So we visit those areas to see family & my medical conditions appreciate warm weather throughout the year, anything under 60 & my body starts getting upset :rofl: so he wants me to move once my daughter has finished high school closer to where he will be going. I heard TN & KY mentioned, both places I would relocate to if it was possible. But that’s a family conversation in a few years. She’s only going into 8th grade right now.


It’s hard to choose, isn’t it? I just picked one and started. LOL! I still go through the tarot ones from time to time.

Hope you have fun learning!


I keep checking the one on Goddesses & did what I could for Runes. So, I’ll be checking that one too!


Hi @joshua1 and welcome! :blush: I joined about a year ago and I love it here. I’ve been slowly going through all of the great information in the forums. There are some very talented and knowledgeable people here, for sure.

I’m currently in Oklahoma, but I grew up in Navasota, TX. Not too far from where @Amaris_Bane grew up. My family has been on the mystical side for generations but no one ever caught on to our special ways. Things like keeping our brooms bristle side up by the back door or keeping left over thread from sewing projects in glass bottles by the window, were never noticed by our friends and visitors. It’s funny how much stuff you can “hide” out in the open.


Merry meet @joshua1,

Welcome to the forum and welcome home! :blush: Thank you so much for sharing your introduction- it is a pleasure to meet you.

I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the courses! Hahaha I know the feeling about not knowing where to jump in- when it comes to magick, there sure is a lot of exciting stuff to explore! :grinning:

If you have an interest in plants and/or magick in the kitchen, I recommend looking at the Green Witch: Herbalism Course. Learning the plants and their properties (both magickal and medicinal) can help a lot in many areas of the Craft and comes in handy quite a bit!

Whatever topic you choose to explore next, I hope you have fun and enjoy your studies :books::two_hearts:

Blessed be! :sparkles: