Merry Meet Monday - Forum News! Aug 2 🌑

@praecog29, I spent a lot of time in Massachusetts and New Hampshire during the summer growing up as my parents are from there. I’ve been to Florida panhandle, Colorado, and California. Other than driving through other states without stopping, that’s about all the traveling I’ve done. Oh, and I went to Nuevo Laredo way back when you didn’t need a passport to cross the Texas-Mexico border.

My husband’s and my goal is to work fully remote within the next few years so we can travel all across the US in our motorhome.


That’s great on the job! I’m so proud of you! And that’s a pretty ring. But as @SharonD said, you know her best.


Thanks for the reminder @christina4!! I put something together for the occasion, just for inspiration:

Looking forward to the New Moon! :waning_crescent_moon: :grinning:


That’s amazing, @jessica55 :astonished: Sometimes I forget just how huge Texas is, but then I see things like this:

[Picture from Pinterest]

Texas alone is the same size as a good chunk of Europe :joy: I always joke with my partner that if you take a wrong turn while driving around here in the EU, you’ll end up in another country. But if you drive for 5 hours straight in Texas- you’re still in Texas :laughing: :+1:

Congrats on your new job, @praecog29! :partying_face: And wow- that’s so exciting! I say go for the proposal in London- but only if it won’t be super duper stressful for you (it’d be a shame if you couldn’t focus on enjoying the journey! Maybe propose on the first day?) :ring:

A tip for you- see if you can figure out her favorite metal (Gold? Rose gold? Silver? Platnium?) and ring size (very important) to help determine if the ring type is right :wink: :+1:

That’s an awesome ritual, @Francisco! Looking forward to the Lion’s Gate in just a few days :lion: :door: :milky_way:


Oh :flushed: that’s awesome!!! Thank you!!! I’m checking it out right now!!! Stuff like this truly makes my day!! :pray:


That’s beautiful! She’ll love any ring from you! It sounds like you’re both in love and that’s what matters in a relationship.


The show, House? That’s like one of my favorites shows! I guess I never pay attention to that kind of stuff. I’m into his corny jokes or how he’s going to solve these mysterious illnesses.


I liked it when it started out but in time he just started being a butt and people started being a butt to him because he was a butt and well I got out of it. Still like the first seasons though!


Yep, the first season is the best!!


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