Merry Meet Monday - Forum News! January 11th ❤

Thank you @kasie & @TheTravelWitch! I forgot to post the recipe! I promise I will post it tomorrow. I don’t have anything to do or anywhere to go tomorrow. I will be online a little more.


Thanks!!! That’s impressive. A lot more people than I realized. Thank you @praecog29


Thanks Berta,
Thanks I appreciate you and Kassie and Christina!
I am trying to get to the hospital this week to get the cancer screening done. I have a bump or mole on my side elbow. Hurts a lot and I always dig out time for all my people. I need to carve out time for me! I just want to say thanks for mentioning me, Bertha cause it means a lot!

I am going to try to be better at showing up to tea time meditations and be on time! I even invested in a calendar lol :laughing:

I thought we can be serious, silly :upside_down_face: cry :sob: and laugh together! That’s what we do! When I read your message the other day it put a smile on my face! Berta I look forward to spending time together! Especially when it ties into my favorite pass time. I always see you around the forum and you always give everyone the same amount of time or consideration! We appreciate you a lot! Your a Good friend and great mentor!


Good luck with your shopping- hope it goes well! :pray: And if you find some extra energy for the New Moon, I hope you enjoy some lovely moon magick :new_moon::sparkles:

Like you can see on the About page Benajmin kindly shared, there are many registered users- many of whom only check in from time to time, and others who prefer to listen rather than talk.

I guess this is a great chance to wave hello and give a warm greeting to the “lurkers” (as @Kasie calls them!) :wave::grin:

No rush at all, @Krissie117! Take your time and feel free to post the recipe whenever you’re ready :blush:

Oh goodness, @Jeannie1- I hope the screening goes well and the news is positive, stay well and healthy! :pray::two_hearts: Congrats on your new calender- I look forward to doing more activities and tea times with you! :hugs:

Love and light to you, Jeannie :heart:


Just to let you you all know I think :thinking:

Christina - Sending you hugs :hugs:

:wink:Praecog- Good job working out the Wiki

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Crazy T - I want to buy some of your rollers and meditation oil! I bet you it’s Awsome!

The Travel Witch- We love your guts! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:grin:Francisco- Thanks for the new challenge

Walter- congratulations on your new career!

Kassie - Love :heart: & light! :wink: I hope it goes well too!

Krissie- I hope :crossed_fingers: everything goes well! Take care!

Blessed be


You have to love yourself as much as you love your family Jeannie! I mean, if you get sick and can’t take care of them, who will? Take care of yourself, I"ll be thinking of you in my prayers that the screening will come out okay.

I actually found a nice easy little bit of candle magic I’m going to do tonight about following through with your resolutions. I was bad yesterday, I’m trying to get healthier but I couldn’t pass up the chocolate. LOL.

That’s okay love! There’s no timeline on posting recipes. I didn’t have a chance to do a tarot poem this weekend so I’m going to try to do two this week. It’s all good.

Thank you, sweetie! The nurse didn’t gasp or run for the doctor while I was getting ultrasounds so I guess it’s going to be okay. I’ll find out next week.


I’m looking through the book now, I will post one soon.


Awwww you’re so sweet, Jeannie! Lots of love back to you too- thanks for your beautiful positivity and cheer! :heart:

That sounds lovely, Kasie! I hope your candle magic went well and it helps clear the way to achieving your resolution :blush: No guilt about the chocolate- I know first hand it can be impossible to resist that sweet temptation sometimes! :chocolate_bar::yum:

Changing eating habits is a big task- sometimes it’s okay to work on slowly decreasing amounts of unhealthy desserts rather than trying to cut them out entirely right from the start. Slow and steady can win the race! Wishing you the best of luck as you take a healthier path :hugs::two_hearts:


Thank you for the encouragement. My problem is I can’t NOT buy myself a treat while I’m out, it’s a bad habit. Then I try to make that treat last a day or two but it all get scarfed down quickly. I need to just stop buying, then I wouldn’t eat it and feel bad. Maybe next Waning moon I’ll do a spell to stop that.


That may be the best solution there- can’t eat it if it isn’t there! :grin::+1: Your determination is inspirational, Kasie- I’m cheering for you in your quest to good health :raised_hands: Love and light! :heart:


Thanks for the cheer leading hon! I hope to pass by the cookie counter next week. We’ll see. LOL.


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