Merry Meet Monday - Forum News! Sep 20 🌽

It’s difficult not to think, so you work yourself till you are tired so you won’t think. I get that. That will go away with time, my dear. Good luck keeping your brain together. I’ll be rooting for you!


Thank you! I had 2 good days in a row! I’ll take it. I’m learning to slow it down a little & rest when I need to rest.

I see my primary care doctor for the first time since early June on Thursday morning too!

Things are getting back in their own time :heart:


Good luck with the doctor on Thursday! :hugs:


I hope you were able to get some good sleep, @Susurrus! And also that your phone calls went well. Take care, continue to feel good, and enjoy the season! Wishing you a blessed Mabon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hooray! Hahaha I’m glad you got a package of chilly weather @Amethyst :joy::+1: And perhaps we switched, since we’re getting a bit of happy sunlight for the first time in a while :sun: It really makes the leaves changing color shine beautifully! :maple_leaf: :blush:

Hope everyone had a lovely full moon- wishing you all a very blessed Equinox and Sabbat! :partying_face: :heart:


OOh, that sounds so pretty!


Good morning! I got caught up on a lot of sleep yesterday. Even tried my hand at texting while dozing off & that was a mess. It looked like an infant got a hold of my phone. :rofl:

I’m having coffee :coffee: right now & kind of making a plan for the day. I have a couple of errands & neverending phone calls… but I only have 1 or 2 today. So that’s not bad.

We have some beautiful weather & I love when the fall colors start coming through. Especially if I can make it to NH this year. I am going to Salem in October. I’m really excited about going, I haven’t been in a year. I kind of like the tradition starting to go every October though.


You’ll have to post lots of photos from Salem!


Ohhhh I can imagine it! :heart_eyes: I bet it’s starting to look absolutely gorgeous there this time of year :fallen_leaf: And wow- Salem! Hope you have a blast and yes, I agree with @Amethyst! :raised_hands: Would love to see your Salem pictures :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I will take some pictures definitely this year! Especially on the walk, we can stop when we want & do it at our own pace.

Today I am pretty busy in the morning. Peanut has to be to school at 7:15 AM for Jazz Band & it’s her picture day. Then I have my appointment with my primary care to go over how I was over the summer, my pain, & I have to do my drug test. I haven’t done 1 since before Covid & now the insurance wants 1 done to approve my medications this month. I don’t mind though, I just have to remember not to go to the bathroom before I leave.

I hope everyone has a great day!


I hope Peanut’s picture comes out okay. I always looked like a dork in school pictures. Good luck with the doctor!


Oh my, I found a handful of my brother’s elementary school pictures… man our parents didn’t like us :rofl::upside_down_face:

She will be gorgeous, she is very photogenic. She woke up way early to get ready for it too. I was ahead of us though, so we had an extra half an hour. My anxiety had been so high today. Don’t know why though :confused: :thinking:


I just wanted you all to know I celebrated and am still celebrating Mabon. And to you who are celebrating :partying_face: the Ostara Happy to know we always can depend on our craft everyday! And just because I haven’t been on the forum that much doesn’t mean I don’t think of you all! I have been sorta sick and I still haven’t completely healed yet! But I am sure I’ll be okay!
As for you witches I am looking forward to the dark half of the year!
I just want to thank my coven for being the beautiful souls that you are!
Garnet - You don’t now how many times I have turned to my husband and said”this women is a good person” and she said this lovely prayer :pray:t4: and then it happened more than twice maybe even three times! I said she touched my heart :heart: many of our lives! I said I want to impact people’s lives like that! The ironic thing is that day that you wrote the poem about the lady that you met that was pregnant . I was thinking how scary that would be then you almost made me cry! We actually think a lot alike!
Travel Witch- Hey :wave: I hope your doing good my friend and


I Took today off and I am drawing in my book of shadows and writing some facts about Mabon and just to let you know that the Demeter
These Gods have to do with agriculture :woman_farmer:t2: and raising crops another God to call onto is Lugh!
Gods that are associated with death are Demeter and Persephone.
I am trying to learn all there is to learn more about paganism and Mabon this is why I would like to share
Scarlet RavenWolf
Thanks to Megan! Thanks :blush: Megan!
Blessed be!


@Susurrus I’m sorry you’ve been having problems with your anxiety. Probably all that’s been going on. Wish I could do something for you.

Get better soon @Jeannie1! It’s a bummer when you’re sick!


Sorry everything is on hold, I’ve been thinking of you I hope the Tamed and Wild set us free! Lol
I’m getting a subscription to the 6 month box and can’t wait to get my goodies!
I got some new candle holders and a really pretty crystal

Thank you :blush:
Love :heart: ya!
Get better soon!


Thanks Amethyst,
It’s been one healthy issue after the next and sill I can’t see the doc till Monday!
Thank you for your blessings and encouragement! Thank God for Mabon being here I can focus on my love of the craft!
Blessed be!


Sorry your anxiety was acting up, @Susurrus- I hope you’re feeling better and that your Peanut had a fun time at picture day! :raised_hands:

Many thanks and lots of love back to you, @Jeannie1- it sounds like you had a very blessed Mabon! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Are you feeling any better now? Hope you’re doing much better! :pray:

I’ve been doing research into Dionysus lately too- He is a very interesting deity, and a perfect one for the season! :grapes::blush: There’s a brand new devotional for him on Spells8 too for anyone interested!


And wow- look at that crystal! It’s beautiful and reminds me a bit of a golden avocado :avocado: :grin: :+1: A lovely piece to add to your impressive collection! Enjoy!


@Amethyst I think it’s just the amount of things going on right now, I talked to my doctor about it yesterday when I saw her. Also, I am happy to announce that we are starting to take me off of my daily pain medicine. We started decreasing the dose by 10 mg. We will continue to lower it every 3 months until I can come off it safely. I lost 5 pounds & my blood pressure was low, even with my anxiety going nuts!

Another good thing from yesterday, despite his issue earlier this week, my son took his county corrections test & got a 92! So he has been moved onto the 2nd part of the test, the physical fitness stuff. Which, I have no doubt he will do fine. We used to do 5K obstacle course/mud runs & he could get through them in under 15 minutes. That was with stopping to let his friend catch up a little bit before he finished it. I’m so happy for him having a good end to the week.

@Jeannie1 I’m so happy that you decided to try out the subscription box. I pay by the month, I didn’t do the prepaid option. However, either way… I think you will love them. You can still get the bracelet & past charms from the website. They won’t come with the ritual stuff though. You may be able to purchase past boxes though if they have any left over. I’m not sure if that is something you would be interested in too! I got this month’s box sitting on my altar. I really have to make time to do that soon. I have been slacking all week.


Go to urgent care if you need to, I don’t want you getting worse. Good luck and feel better love!

I’m glad you’re staying on top of things, and yay for fewer pain meds. I weaned myself off of sleeping pills and have been much more awake during the day.

Congratulations to him! And good luck with the physical fitness portion of the test. That’s good!


I had mentioned that my memory is basically crap now & seems to be getting worse as time goes on, she said that the pain medicine could be contributing to that so she wants to keep up on how that goes as we lower the medications.

She wants me to hold onto the “as needed” medication because we never know when I will have a flare or how bad it will be. I’m really excited to be coming off of the daily one though.


Good luck with cutting back then. Hopefully, that will help your memory. :hugs: