Merry Meet Monday - Magick News for the Week! (Jan 2 - Jan 8) 🐺

Congrats to you both on your efforts! (Sorry for late response) :face_with_peeking_eye:

  • @Marsha - for writing fun, picture-enhanced messages to coven members on their birthdays and welcoming all new members in their introduction posts
  • @Amethyst - for giving a warm welcome to all new members in their introduction posts

You both are too kind welcoming all those newbies. I would be over the moon if had a warm welcome and feel just where i should be (as i have been greeted when i first started her) :blush:


:blush: Thank you, m’dear!


"Thank you! :pray: You are such a blessing to the coven :infinite_roots: and I love :heart: having you here with us, @Solasta_Amore :people_hugging:

I am blushing :blush: @Jeannie1 :pray: thank you!

Thank you :pray: so much @TheMuslimWitch I do this because, as you said, it means so much to new members, including you and me! :hugs:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Thank you @marsha you are a bright ray of sunshine in this coven, seriously! I have felt it! May you always stay happy, and may the fairies charm your door every morning! :wink: :woman_fairy:t2: :sparkles:


So this morning, I had woken up at my normal time & then after a few had to take my pupper Alphie for his morning walk. I found myself in the perfect timing of liminal space… it’s recurring theme in my life :rofl:

To my left:

To my right:

I was so excited even if Alphie was looking at me like, Mom why are we turning from left to right with the camera… I have one more thing to do right now…


Whoa, lovely pic of the dawn and moon there, lovey! You did good!


Thank you, me & my liminal spaces. Lol


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