Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! June 27 - July 3 🌚

I see you have made a great contribution to the coven, it’s a honor to meet you! Congratulations :tada::champagne: It’s magickal! I want to make a toast :clinking_glasses:! You are awesome and magikal :clap: much love and respect!:purple_heart:


@Jeannie1 thank u so much. Thats super sweet


Update to MMM

The group ritual post for this week is now live in the forum! Please view the full post by clicking the picture below for details as well as what to prepare.

6-30 Welcome Back the Moon Waxing Crescent

(Group Ritual - June 30) :white_heart: Welcome Back the Moon

With the New Moon tomorrow, the Lady of the Skies will be taking a quiet rest amongst the stars :new_moon:

On Thursday, relight your candles and join your coven for a ritual to welcome back the moon as She reilluminates the celestial heavens and the next cycle of moon magick begins :milky_way: :waxing_crescent_moon:

Looking forward to sharing a cup and a peaceful moment with you then!

Blessed be Infinite Roots :infinite_roots: :two_hearts:


Oh no! :scream: I missed the anniversary of Scott Cunningham’s birthday! But…it’s only by a day!

I have a crazy idea: learn the dragon language (or conlang) from Skyrim to use in my practice. The grammar is similar to English, save for the apostrophes.

Drem yol lok (hello, literally “peace, fire, sky”). Oh… what a great phrase to invoke draconic deities!


The thing about time is that it’s all over the place- even if a date has changed where you are, sometimes it’s still that day further west from where you are. Plus there are more calendars than I can count- Gregorian, Lunar, Roman, etc- calenders and dates are social constructs.

What I’m trying to say is- you celebrate whenever you have the time and feel like celebrating, @Kasandra! :partying_face:

As for the dragon language- that sounds awesome. Is there a good resource out there for learning it? I remember Duolingo had some fun languages (they have Klingon and a few others) but I don’t think they have anything from Skyrim.

Wishing you all the best with it- it does sound like a great language to incorporate in your ritual work! :dragon_face: :sparkles:

11 Likes is the best place to go to learn dovahzul (dragon voice). It has grammar lessons and a dictionary. So far, it’s very easy to learn! Probably the easiest language I’ve studied, human or computer. :laughing: The only thing I’m going to have difficulty with is the writing system, but I did learn hiragana (ひらがな), katakana (カタカナ) and just enough kanji (漢字) of the Japanese language.


Ohhhhh nice! :star_struck: It looks like a great resource for learning the language :+1: And if you’ve got the three Japanese writing systems down I don’t think anything can stand in your way, Kasandra- the toughest one is already behind you :laughing:

Good luck with learning dovahzul! :raised_hands: :dragon_face: :sparkles:



How r u feeling?


You are a life saver!!! I have not needed to take Benadryl at all the last few days.


My week has been a bit of a rollercoaster with things coming at me left & right. I’m navigating them, but so far adjusting to the changes is proving to be a bit difficult. So, I’m trying to find my new rhythm & work on the things that I normally do while still engaging with people.

I’m embarrassed by my Group Ritual entry, but I did do it & the meditations :woman_in_lotus_position: were so helpful & keeping me grounded & present. I find that breathwork also helps with the same things. It’s been a bit much at times, but I’ve made it to the weekend & my husband is home for 3 days.

My intuition is definitely clearing up, but sometimes I still question it. I get the messages then I question them or try to talk myself out of what comes to mind sometimes or the feeling I am having from whatever the situation is at the time.

On the other hand, the changes balanced each other out. It was time for someone to move on & my husband changed jobs but instead of 45 minutes to an hour away, he is now about a mile from the house. So there’s a balance there.

I think I have been able to use my resources to help me with some things, so crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers: things should start evening out again or at least slightly. My tiger lilies from the side of my house (along the entire side) have somehow jumped the entire front garden & driveway so now there are 4 small bunches where they are coming up behind my hibiscus :hibiscus: plants.


I think that’s common. You don’t know what’s intuition and what is imagination sometimes. You just have to take it on faith.

Hope this weekend goes better for you, love! You’ll get your rhythm back.


Thank you! It’s definitely a learning curve now, but I’ll take it. Over the last 6 months I have progressed a lot from where I was the last quarter of the year. :smiling_face:


You’ve come so far since the end of last year, I’m really proud of you!


Wow love the sounds of teas and oils! Can you recommend a tea for energy?


One of my favorite brands is Yogi. My morning go-to tea is Positive Energy. I call it positive-tea. I see that at our grocery store but buy in bulk on Amazon.
It has black tea and Yerba Mate. I brewed it in the black tea ritual and felt such good vibes.


I am so glad you offered to help with recipes. I want to make a blend but don’t know what ratio or measurements to use.
I have these dried herbs. What can I brew? Can you tell me how much of each?

Lemon balm, parsley leaf, nettle leaf, licorice root, elder flowers, whole fennel seed, uva Uris, lemongrass, passionflower, peppermint leaf, dandelion root, and whole milk thistle seed.

I wanted to copy the Arbonne tea recipe but “chickened out”because I didn’t have measurements.
Here is the tea I wanted to copy.


Nothing but old news here! To find out what’s happening this week, visit Activities to find the current Merry Meet Monday news post :newspaper: