Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! May 9 - 15 🐈‍⬛

That’s interesting… I never had to think about it and always just thought it was believed to be negative due to individuals who are very superstitious or didn’t like witches etc… Ii will have to look into why that particular day and number are associated with such a fuss and get back to you… Just a note, in our religion Friday is the best day of the week to pray and showing your devotion to a god. I also know culturally it is the best day for fun and going out after a long weeks work. 13 however i have heard it is related to bad luck and the devil (please correct me if i am wrong). Be interesting to see what everyone else thinks…


You’re absolutely right, Khadija- the number 13 has a quite a bad name, at least in some cultures. Other cultures have other “unlucky” numbers, like in Japan it is the number 4 which is associated with death. I’m not big on numerology in magick, but I do find it interesting to dig into different superstitions- and today seems like a great day to do just that! :grinning: :sparkles:

Wishing every a happy Friday the 13th- make the day your own, and make it a good one! :heart::blush:


Thank you i hope you make it good too :heartpulse:
p.s- maybe its unlucky after all since i caught a cold lol :laughing:


Bry has linked a wonderful post about the truth behind Friday the 13th :black_cat:

And I even did a video on it a few years ago :laughing: but it’s no longer live on my channel. I think there may still be a podcast episode out on it though :thinking:


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