Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! (Nov 21 - 27) 🌚

No turkey here! My daughter is a manager at a pizza store, so she is doing all the cooking this year. Lol! Pizza Party! :pizza:


I had basically nothing but carbs :rofl: I don’t eat meat – I’m mostly plant-based – but I had a tofurkey last year that was just…disgusting, to say the least :nauseated_face: so I went without that this year. Instead I ate sweet potato pie, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and some green bean casserole. Now I’m downing some water and getting read to make some mint tea for the (Group Ritual - Nov 24) :plate_with_cutlery: Tea for Healthy Digestion lol


Having been through ‘exciting’ times, I love boring!! :wink:


I live in Canada so we have already had our turkey dinner. However, since I love football and turkey dimmer, my husband and I took the day off and made a mini thanksgiving dinner- mini in the sense that we only had dressing, potatoes, carrots, and rutabaga as sides to the turkey. :drooling_face: watched some great games too.


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