Merry Meet Monday - Witchy News of the Week! (Nov 6 - 12) 🌘

@starborn Love your photos. They are really neat .

@BryWisteria Appreciate that. I want to thankyou for everything you do also! Thankyou! I love your input! So thoughtful.
@Sivonnah thanks for the shout out and congrats to you!


Thank you, @Amethyst, @BryWisteria, @Devenne!

Eek! You got me. That’s what I was going for. :face_with_peeking_eye: :smile: :black_heart:


You’re welcome! They are really great pics!


Congratulations you two! :partying_face: :tada:

You and me both. It’s definitely throwing my house for a loop. I hope you’ve been able to get some writing done. It’s NaNoWriMo so hooray for that! :partying_face: Are you doing that this year? Is that something you do…? :sweat_smile: I have some ideas floating around in my head but zero time to do any writing right now besides maybe some blog posts or something.

Those are beautiful pictures! :heart_eyes: I like the way you changed the colors, too. It gives it a very pretty effect!

Yes, please! I totally need this one :joy:

My week is pretty full this week with usual house stuff, but everything is going smoother so far! :heart:


It’s my pleasure, Devenne! Lots of love to you too! :heart: :hugs:

You nailed it- they turned out beautiful! :clap: :star_struck: :blue_heart: :pink_heart:

NaNoWriMo!!! I say every year I want to give it a try, but then I can never stick with it- there always seems to be too many distractions :upside_down_face: Maybe next year haha.

Wishing everyone doing NaNoWriMo all the best- I’m cheering for you! :tada:

Woohoo! That’s great to hear- may it all continue to go well :blush: :heart:


Noping out on Nano. LOL! I don’t write that much in a month so I’d fail out. I mostly write for my own amusement so I’ll get some good writing in on a day or two and then read the rest of the week.


Thank you! :heart: It’s a much-needed break from all the bs that’s been going on for the last few weeks.

I don’t blame you at all :joy: I don’t ever write that much, either. It’s much better to write when you’re happy and in the mood. NaNo is a lot of stress!


Congratulations :partying_face: and thank you both for sharing your wisdom and love with us! :clap: :revolving_hearts:

Congratulations :partying_face: to the Community Awarded users for October 2023! Woo hoo! :tada: :sparkling_heart: Thank you @tracyS & @Amethyst & @Sivonnah :hugs:

Thank you for the Community Award! I am humbled. :pray: Special thanks to you as well! Your contributions are amazing! :gift_heart:

Wishing everyone a wonderful week! :people_hugging:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always,
The Other Marsha


I write a lot, but the thought of all the stress of having to write so much every day is daunting. Much better to do it how you’re happy with.

Thanks, my dear! You deserve a big hug for your birthday messages and your greetings!


That’s my thoughts, too! :heart:


Ugh, this moving thing has become annoying again. The developers took so long to get ready that I have to redo my application for a loan. It should be fine as I have all the boxes ticked, but it’s going to be stuck on my mind now until it resolves.

Plus, I have a deadline fast approaching at work, I joined a work meeting about another team and (accidentally) took on all their anxiety from management failing to reassure them over recent resignations and layoffs, and my partner’s going through another really bad phase with IBS.


Sorry, vent over.

I need to be like Tracy, find some dirt, stick my feet into it, and turn into a tree. But since I cannot, I’ll settle for tea and hugging a cat.


I will join you with hugging cats and drinking tea. Moving here is a pain in the butt, too :face_exhaling: – sidenote, I almost typed “hugging trees” instead of “hugging cats”… so that’s where my brain is lol


:people_hugging: :black_heart:

That’s a good idea, too! I’d join you in that, too, if only spiders weren’t reemerging for spring/summer here. :smile:

Fun-ish fact? Is this a fact? I don’t know. Anyway… In summer, I tend to walk in the middle of the road at night, because spiders, such as huge golden orb weavers, are really quick at setting up webs around the trees along the footpath/sidewalk. But even then, you might catch one doing a single web line sling across the road. :face_exhaling:

And to be fair, I did fill everyone’s brains with terrible tree puns recently. :joy:

Also, I drew the Four of Cups this morning, so if I needed any more reason to think I’m worrying over nothing, that’s it. :sweat_smile:


You do so much for the Coven, Marsha- this is but a small token of thanks for all of the warmth and wonder that you share! Thank you again for being so welcoming and helpful with all that you do everyday :hugs: :heart:

Hugs for you, my friend- sounds like it’s been rough. Sign me up for cat hugging and tea drinking time (and potentially tree hugging time too, minus any spidey friends :spider: :scream: :laughing: ) with you and Megan. Sometimes you just gotta squeeze out the stress with cuddles :people_hugging: :heart:

Anytime I walk into a spider web, I get the same feeling that I imagine a cat feels when it loses one of its nine lives :sweat_smile: . It’s usually just me not paying attention around the garden, though- I cannot fathom spider webs that span the entire road, I would probably disintegrate on the spot if I walked into one of those :joy:


It’s becoming quite the cat picnic! :people_hugging: :black_heart:

I’m not sure if it makes it better that it’s usually the smaller ones. :sweat_smile:

They’ll anchor themselves on something with a web and then jump, kind of like a bungee cord. But because they’re so small and light, they can kind of float on the wind across an entire road.

So it’s a single line, thus reducing your likelihood of walking into one. But when my partner and I went for a walk every night, I’d walk through such a line at least once a week. Spluttering and wiping my face 1,000 times every time. :sweat_smile:


I 100% get the bug thing :joy: Florida is like the United States’s Australia, if that makes sense lol all of the bugs here can hurt you, the fire ants in the grass/yard/dirt/etc. are dangerous, and walking anywhere in near anything tall or with trees means you’re liable to get smacked with a web! :spider_web:

We get the orb weavers here, too, but they’re small. They’re called Spiny-Backed Orb Weavers and they look like little crab spiders! They’re cute for a spider :joy: but not one that I would want to have on me at all.

I’m glad you pulled the Four of Cups for yourself :joy: definitely a good sign!


That makes sense! Florida is like our Queensland in a few ways. While New South Wales is a bit more like California, but without the carnivores. I haven’t really thought about the other states. Maybe Victoria is a bit like Washington state? :thinking:

Those orb weavers are much cuter than ours! One time, I almost walked face-first into one like this which was the size of my face. Would not have been pleasant. I’m glad my eyes focused as the last second, and it didn’t get spooked by me being so close. :cold_sweat:


haha I’m glad it makes sense! :joy: Florida is where all the weird shit happens lol so much so that it’s a running joke of “Florida man…” because of news articles! “Florida man does blah blah blah”. So, now every weird thing is Welp, there goes Florida Man! It’s almost like Florida Man is an egregore for the state now lol

Uhh yeah… that’s a whole lot of ‘nope’ there on that web! No thank you! :joy: I’m glad you didn’t walk through it!


Queensland is full of the weird, too.

I did a fun thing with this with my friends and coworkers a while ago. I told them all to Google “Florida man” and their day and month of birth to see which kind of Florida man resonates with them. So, for example, mine would be “Florida man May 20.” :joy: Try it.



Oh my Gods, that’s hilarious! :joy: I’m gonna have to go do that with my friends now lol