Merry Meet Monday - Witchy News of the Week! (Nov 6 - 12) 🌘

It’s like Florida Man Horoscopes- that’s hilarious :joy: :+1:

Now I’m just waiting for the Florida Man Oracle - there’d be so much symbolism in each card, it’s just a matter of trying to find the meaning in each wacky event :laughing:


I would love to see those three I shared of mine on cards. :joy:

Florida Man With Gun Shoots At Florida Man With A Banana
The card shows two characters: one is the ‘Florida Man with a Gun’, and the other is the ‘Florida Man with a Banana’. This represents how sometimes we might react too strongly to things that are actually harmless. It’s like seeing danger or conflict where there really isn’t any. The guy with the banana? He’s all about having fun and being a bit silly. He’s a reminder that life isn’t always serious business.

The whole scene is set in sunny Florida, with palm trees, alligators chilling in sunglasses, and a vibe that screams relaxation and humour. This background is a nudge for us to lighten up and enjoy the playful side of life. The card is basically saying, “Hey, sometimes you might feel like you’re the person with the gun, ready to take on any threat. But maybe what you’re facing is just a guy with a banana, a chance to laugh and have some fun.”

So, the message here is pretty clear: don’t be too quick to see everything as a problem or a threat. Sometimes, it’s okay to put down your defences and just enjoy the moment. Life’s got plenty of bananas – moments of joy and silliness – and it’s okay to embrace them without always being on guard.


Florida Man Attacks Daughter With Pizza
Imagine this: you’re navigating the unpredictable landscape of life, much like a day in Florida, where the extraordinary is ordinary. Along comes a challenge, and conventional wisdom seems as effective as a screen door on a submarine. Enter the Florida Man with his pizza - an absurd solution, but is it really?

This card symbolises the need to break free from traditional problem-solving methods. It’s a call to action to think creatively, to approach your dilemmas with a fresh perspective, even if it seems as ridiculous as solving a disagreement with a pizza toss. The pizza represents the diverse, sometimes messy aspects of life, and using it as a tool for conflict resolution is a metaphor for thinking outside the box.

When this card appears, it’s an invitation to inject creativity into your problem-solving strategies. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most unorthodox methods can yield the best results. So, next time you’re faced with a head-scratcher, channel your inner Florida Man and ask yourself: “What’s my pizza in this situation?” Remember, in life, it’s often the unconventional paths that lead to the most memorable solutions.

Florida Man Wearing A Pink Bra
This card is a reminder of the importance of self-expression and embracing your true colours, even if it’s as “unconventional” as a man in a pink bra. The image of a Florida Man, boldly donning a pink bra, is a powerful symbol of unapologetic self-expression. In a world often constrained by norms and expectations, this card cheerily dares you to break free and be unabashedly yourself. This card is a nudge to ask yourself: “Am I wearing my metaphorical pink bra?” It’s about flaunting your uniqueness, quirks and all, with the confidence of a Florida Man who cares not for the judgment of others. This card encourages you to wear your individuality like a badge of honour, whether it’s through your fashion, your hobbies, or your life choices.

Moreover, the card is a beacon of acceptance. It’s not just about expressing yourself but also about embracing others in their full, vibrant spectrum of being. It reminds us that the world is a richer place when we celebrate diversity in all its forms.

This card is your guide to living a life unbound by convention. It’s a call to let your true self shine, as brilliantly and unexpectedly as the “Florida Man Wearing A Pink Bra” in the Florida sun. So go ahead, embrace your inner Florida Man, and remember that life is too short to wear boring bras – metaphorically speaking, of course!

Oh no, we’re actually making it happen, @BryWisteria! :joy:

And I have to do my partner’s when I eventually wake up. :joy:


I couldn’t find a Florida Man Oracle (which shocks me, to be honest lol) but I did find this piece of art that an artist created of a Florida Man tarot card journal :joy:

The Florida Man Tarot Card Hardcover Journal by GammaGirl-X || RedBubble

I think that counts at least a little bit lol


How did you balance hilarious with deep messages so perfectly!?!? :joy: Goodness, these are amazing- I think you could actually make a legit Florida Man Oracle that isn’t just funny but is genuinely loaded with messages and helpful interpretations. I am so impressed :clap: :laughing: :heart:

Ha! :rofl:

It’s card 0 - I guess Florifa Man Wrangling a Gator is the Florida Man Deck equivalent of The Fool? :thinking: :laughing: :crocodile:


I might have to thank the spirits for this, because ideas just visually appear in my head like that. :sweat_smile:

Oh! Hmm… The Fool is usually about new beginnings. But here, I’m seeing misplaced priorities. The whole place is on fire and the Florida Man is focused on getting his hat back from a gator. To me, that looks likes it’s telling someone that they’re focused too much on the unimportant small details and missing the more important bigger picture. :thinking:


Whatever spirits or muses you are blessed with, they have amazing ideas :joy: But that being said- own up to your own creative talents too! You have a wonderful mind full of exciting (and sometimes delightfully wild!) ideas :wink: :heart:

Perhaps there are no beginnings or ends in the world of the Florida Man - only chaos :fire: :crocodile: :cowboy_hat_face: :joy: (Ignore me- I like your interpretation better! :laughing: )

And excuse me, because it’s time to close this MMM down- but the new one will be up shortly (just as soon as I finish typing it up!). Florida Man Oracle discussions are absolutely welcome to continue in the new post :grin:

Blessed be and hope the new week is off to a great start for everyone!


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