Merry Meet Monday! 💖

Warm greetings to all, and welcome again to Merry Meet Monday!


Moon Magick :first_quarter_moon:

There are 13 full moons this year, and one of them is quickly approaching!

On the night of Saturday, July 4th going into Sunday, July 5th we will be blessed with the Full Buck Moon :deer: . This moon goes by many other names as well, including the Thunder Moon due to the prevalence of thunderstorms at this time of year :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:.

You can learn more about the July Full Moon in the Old Farmer’s Almanac, or can track the current and upcoming Moon Phases on Moongiant.

Full moons :full_moon: are a great time for charging your crystals and jewelry, ritual baths, or conducting spells and rituals as now is when the moon’s power is at it’s fullest! :sparkles: The full moon is also a great time to show appreciation and gratitude for the things you have accomplished.

What are your plans for the full moon on Sunday? :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

Something of Interest :thinking:

Running dry on creativity? :tired_face: Looking for a new spark for your practice? :sparkles:

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it yet, the Daily Devotional is a great place to get inspiration for spells, rituals, deities, magickal workings and more! :crystal_ball:


The Daily Devotional page updates every day and can be set to match the time zone you are in. As always, feel free to adjust and adapt the spells, rituals, or chants to suit your practice! :blush:

This is a great place to go if you are new and need somewhere to get started, or are a ways down your path and are seeking to try something new or need that extra burst of creativity :stars:

New Members :wave:

We have been blessed to add many new members to our forums during the past week:

@camille, @charitha, @brad, @nicole10, @amanda15, @trinity, @mason, @nicole11, @kat2, @jennifer24, @theresa3, @gwyn, @tina2, @guadalupe, @karen2, @jessica24, @rachel6, @kayse, @amber10, @sydney1, @angela9, @tosca, @april4, @monica1, @praecog29, @dina, @elizabeth3, @willem, @taylor5, @beth, @breanna1, @elaine1, @bailey, @tiffani, @zoe1, @judith2, @Badwolf, @amy7, @mariah, @nique, @amber-lee, @wednesday, @tonya1, @daire, @oye, @onica, @aada, @v.ctoria, @mary11, @finn, @flynn, @terri1, @lenora, @callista1, @taylor6, @mari, @nil, @nicholas2, @annette1, @angela10, @shaina, @jamie6 , @amelia, @emma7, @mary12, @brenda4,

Welcome to our new members! If you haven’t already, please head over to Introductions and create a new post- we would love to welcome you! :heart:

Special Shout-Outs :handshake:

  • A warm shout-out to the wise and gracious @SilverBear for posting the most during the last week. Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom and many talents! :open_book:

  • Lots of love for the always kind @roxanne, who once again has shared the most of amount love during the past week. Thank you very much for making the forum such a warm and welcoming place for all! :sparkling_heart:

And of course, a hearty thank you to everyone who contributes to the Spells8 Forums- you all make this place a fun and supportive home for practitioners near and far! :world_map::sparkles:

What lies in the future for you in the coming week? :crystal_ball: Feel free to share your plans and goals, or any thoughts on your mind here!

May your days be full of abundance and prosperity, and the path ahead pleasant and joyful!

Blessed Be! :heart:


Great post and thank you for the shout out :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :green_heart:

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Solitary Wiccan Dedication :smiley:

Also consecrating my tarot set and altar items. I’m starting small but I want to do it right because The Goddess (name I am using for Triple Goddess while I explore a possible family connection to Mawu) means so much to me. (I need to share that story sometime.)

Also, thank you for this post. It’s a great way to start the week.


You are very welcome, Laurie! :heart: And the shout out is well-deserved, thank you for all that you do! You are a generous soul :sparkles:

A great plan for the full moon! :full_moon: Ohhhh may I ask what tarot deck you like to use? I’m a tarot fanatic and I love learning about new decks! :heart_eyes:

This sounds like a fascinating story- please do share it when you are ready! :open_book::two_hearts: And you are very welcome- have a blessed week! :sparkles:


I picked up the same kind of deck that I started with when I played at the edges of Paganism so many years ago. There are so many wonderful decks out there but I wanted one I was familiar with - something I could hear and understand while I start on this exciting journey - so I have a standard Universal Waite Tarot Deck.

(I say standard but the deck called to me. I know every deck is special in a Pagan’s path and I am happy to be with this one at the start of my journey.)

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Very wise words- and I absolutely agree, there are so many amazing decks out there! :heart_eyes::flower_playing_cards: The most important part of any deck is that you feel a connection with it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The Universal Waite Deck is exemplary because it is absolutely overflowing with symbolism- each card has so many different aspects to it!

Although this is a personal opinion and everyone will connect differently with different decks, I’ve found that more symbolism in the cards leads to easier readings and also readings with more depth- you have so much more available to interpret! :face_with_monocle:

I love the artwork in the Linestrider Tarot by Siolo Thompson. I think the watercolors and simple but elegant designs are breath-taking.

However, as beautiful as the Linestrider cards are, they offer a lot less symbolism to draw on- each card only has an animal, a plant, and a color. Perhaps decks like these will work well for advanced tarot readers who can interpret meanings based solely on the identity of the card, but for me I love to look at and feel the meanings of the many symbols! :grin:

And because symbols and cards will have different meanings to different people (and even to different cultures!), and that tarot decks connect differently with different practitioners, no two decks are truly alike- your cards are just as unique as you! :sparkles:

Enjoy your deck, and may it always give you solid advice to light your way forward! :flower_playing_cards:

Blessed Be! :heart:

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