Missed it by a day

Hello family, hope all is well with all. Here is fine. I guess I should explain why I word things the way I do, lol. I,m sure you,ve noticed my peculiar ways of wording thoughts and since I,m in the middle of writing write this moment I thought about you all and had to come say anything at all. I struggle to put emotions to music. OK, I,ll ease up…lol I like writing songs…it,s my passion… Sometimes it just spews over into everything else witch is not a bad thing. You,ll find hidden messages at times also , did you see it? Sorry, I,m in one of those rare feel good moments in time. Not sorry. I love you all. Wow, I thought of something to say when I had nothing to offer at all. Bide the Rede… Respect the Creed…. And Bliss will come your way…
Give perfect love and you’ll get perfect trust, when you live the Witches Way!


Nice to hear from you! I’d love to read one of your songs. If they are as good as the last two lines of this post, they’re gonna be awesome!


I agree with Amethyst- you could definitely put this to music and have quite the song! :notes::dancer:

So glad to hear that all is well with you, @FlagrumThorn- thanks for coming to check in and say hello :grinning:

Many blessings!


Glad you dropped by. Stay a while, we’ll swap stories and learn some things.


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