Money Tea Recipes, Anyone?

Does anyone have a good Money Tea recipe? I make my own with cinnamon, rooibos, and hibiscus, but I want to kick it up a notch. :grinning: :sparkler: :sparkles:


Oh, I love hibiscus tea. :black_heart: You’ve reminded me that I need more.

I don’t have any tea specifically for this. But ginger is one of those money and prosperity ingredients, and I drink ginger, honey, and lemon tea sometimes. Usually, it’s for urinary health, but, you know, happy little side effects are great! :smile:

Almond and almond oil are money and prosperity ingredients, as well, so if I use almond milk instead of milk, that might work. But it would have to be in coffee as I only really like milk in my tea. Well, lactose-free milk, anyway. :thinking:

So many things to try, so little calories per day. :joy:


Great ideas, @starborn!! I totally forgot about ginger as a prosperity ingredient! And thanks for sharing the info about almonds because I had no idea. You’re always a wealth of information! :grinning: :heart:


I’m not a tea person, but I found a few prosperity tea recipes online!

  • 1 cup tea (Any tea will do. You can choose green tea to really energize this money spell.)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon (Any variety)
  • 1 teaspoon honey (You can leave this out if you want, but honey does draw in prosperity)

Cinnamon Money Tea: Prosperity Spell To Increase Abundance

This one is from TheWitchingKitchen on Instagram.

To manifest a little extra prosperity in your life I highly recommend making Prosperity Tea!

I love to set the scene, light a candle and some incense while I do this.

Steep all the ingredients together and add a touch of palm sugar for sweetness. I love this over a large glass of ice in the summer!

Carry your adventure crystal around with you and strengthen your magic with the following incantation:

:sparkles:Abundance and prosperity I draw to me,
I call in earth, air, fire and water as I manifest abundance around me,
Using this gift for good, I draw the eternal flow of prosperity to connect with me.
I thank Mother Earth for her bounty of herbs,
As I will it, so mote it be. :sparkles:


This is fantastic, thank you, @MeganB!!! :heart: And now I have someone new to follow on Instagram. :grinning:


You’re welcome! :blush: Happy to help!