Moon and sun signs

Just downloaded Sun sings & Moon signs books by Mari Silva, from Amazon.
Got a free MP3 to open the 3rd. eye😸


Very cool! Is that your book club entry for the month?


Looks interesting! Have you started it yet? Do you recommend it?

Sun Moon Signs Mari Silva


@Amethyst @Francisco. For an initiated like me, found the moon signs more interesting than sun ones, noneless, they both make for an interesting reading and value for money. Will listen to the MP3 later.
I will provide you with a list of books that bought recently and believe are interesting.
Gonna be busy next couple of weeks exploring these books.
3 more:

  • Do it yourself Numerology, by
    Sonia Ducie.
  • Numerology: including simply number
    spells & tarot, by Andrea Green.
  • Numerology & Tarot: unlocking the power of numbers, by Mari Silva
  • The complete book of numerology by David A. Philips
    Tried MP3 last night, loved it. The meditation excercises can be repeated as many times as you like.
    Practice and patience is needed to open the third eye🙏

I am interested in numerology too! I look forward to seeing your reviews or commentary on each of those books.

They look super interesting and I’ll be checking them out soon. Thanks for sharing, Basil! :+1: