Moon/Astrology info from NASA 🪐

Tonight’s full moon has many different names! Most know it as the Strawberry Moon but it is also known as “Mead Moon, Honey Moon, Vat Purnima, Poson Poya, and the LRO Moon”. :full_moon_with_face: :milky_way:

  • Algonquin tribes - Strawberry Moon

  • Old European - Mead Moon or the Honey Moon

  • Hindus - Vat Purnima

  • Buddhists - Poson Poya

  • Tribe (geographically scattered) - LRO Moon Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

This article from NASA goes in depth about the origin of the names. It also includes information on the longest day, planet, meteor, and star sightings for June 2020.


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