Moon snow? Is that a thing?

Looking around here, there remains a fair amount of snow on the ground with the threat of more coming. That got me thinking (doesn’t seem to take much, does it?). If there is snow on the ground during a full moon, and I were to scoop some up before sunrise, bring it inside and allow it to melt, would the result be moon water? Or would intention be required from the beginning? What do you think (besides “he’s weird”)?


I think you’re onto something… I agree and I see the process of transformation adding an interesting layer of meaning. “Moon H2O” transforming from one state of matter into another.

And it’s also naturally collected (like rain water) so it should feel much better than using tap water.


Soon it will be doing what winter things do in…summer. Sorry Elsa is my muse / spirit animal.


I think that sounds really cool, no pun intended. :snowflake: I lie! I did intend it. I couldn’t help myself.


I love the way your brain works, @Undomeher- what a great question! :heart_eyes: I would say Moon Snow could be used, as I can’t see any reason why it couldn’t be respectfully collected and incorporated into spellwork like any other natural ingredient :grinning: :+1:

That being said, as a different ingredient, I would imagine that it would take on similar yet unique qualities separate from Moon Water. And I’d theorize that those qualities would be dependent on which stage you are using the Moon Snow in:

:snowflake: Freshly harvested in its icy form
→ Could be great for freezer spells, cooling work, winter magick, etc.

:melting_face: As it melts from snow into water
→ Melting tensions, soothing spellwork, easing relationships, etc.

:droplet: Fully melted into water
→ Same as Moon Water? Or perhaps with added properties of transformation, good for spellwork involving change or adaptation.

But if this theory is something, then what do we call the final stage to differentiate it from Moon Water… Melted Moon Snow? :thinking: :laughing:

Forgive me for rambling- I really love this idea you’ve come up with, Ron! :raised_hands: :smile:


Bonus points to Mary for snow puns! :snowflake: :laughing:


Huh!? I was thinking the same thing yesterday while we were using our backhoe to remove massively packed mounds of snow from our sliding door entryway! I already have a glass pickling jar with Moon Water and clear, rose, and smoky quartz globes in it. Would "Sublimation Water":snowflake::snowflake: be close to an "appropriate " name? @TheTravelWitch_Bry


Oooh! “Sublimation water!” I like it!


Right on! :v:t3::snowflake:


Don’t know, but this sounds so pretty. It was really nice reading this, and picturing the light of the Full Moon shining on the snow.


I make moon water with the first snow.
I gather freshly fallen snow, let it melt in a container, then bless it under the next full moon.
I used it for a banishing spell to keep unwanted feeling from following me into the new year, and a ritual for welcoming the new year.
You might not want to use snow that been on the ground for a while in anything you ingest without at least boiling it though.


I love it! :clap: Another vote from me for “Sublimation Water” :grinning: :+1:

Absolutely beautiful practice, Torista- what a lovely ingredient to have on hand and to be able to add to your spellwork :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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