Moth Symbolism

Moths have long been associated with various meanings and symbolism that span across different cultures and traditions.

Moths can have many spiritual meanings, including change, transformation, endings, death, and the night.

One of the most common interpretations of moth symbolism is its connection to the soul and the afterlife. In many cultures, moths are seen as spiritual messengers that bring messages from beyond the physical realm.

Additionally, moths are often seen as symbols of transformation and change, much like their close relatives, butterflies. The process of metamorphosis from a humble caterpillar to a graceful moth is seen as a powerful symbol of personal growth and development.

In some cultures, moths are also associated with mystery and intuition. Their ability to navigate through the darkness and find light is often seen as a metaphor for finding one’s inner truth and following one’s instincts.

Moreover, the attraction of moths to light is often interpreted as a symbol of seeking enlightenment and spiritual guidance. The constant fluttering around sources of light can be seen as a reminder to always seek knowledge and wisdom in life.

Overall, the spirit of moth meaning and symbolism make them fascinating creatures that continue to capture the imagination of many.

Whether seen as messengers of the afterlife, symbols of transformation, or reminders to seek enlightenment, moths hold a special place in the hearts and minds of people around the world.

And because this makes me happy…Mills has the perfect pet name for his Moth. :rofl:


I love moths! My first candle spell that I ever did was very early one morning and I was visited by a moth! It was amazing and definitely let me know I was on the right path!


I love both butterflies and moths. Always have. There’s something so ethereal and compelling about moths, particularly the Saturnids. For the longest time, I wanted to have a Luna moth tattooed at the base of my neck between my shoulders.

Thank you for this post!


The white-lined sphinx moth has been something of a guide to me. Something about them attracts me, physically and spiritually. My next tattoo (sadly not soon, got an acute case of Empty Wallet Syndrome™) is going to be one on the back of my hand :raised_back_of_hand:
Butterflies are lovely but moths are my jam.



I’d made friends with the neighbor’s grandson. He took me out to the mail boxes one day to ask what he had found and why it was so tame.


Polyphemus Moth. It was probably just coming out of its cocoon. I pointed out what makes moths different from butterflies- branching or feathery antennae- and told him the “eyes” were protective coloring so it wouldn’t get eaten.

Polyphmus was the cyclops Odyseus blinded in Homer’s Odyssey. Maybe there was more to it than a moth hatching. At that time, I was very blinded by circumstances.

Riley gently picked up the moth and put it in a bush so it wouldn’t get stepped on.