Motivation work

Looking for good spells, potions, etc for Motivation. Any/ all ideas welcome :heart:


Hi Andrea, welcome to the forum! :clap: :clap:

For motivation, I reccommend burning a yellow candle or having yellow items like citrine or yellow flowers to invite sunshine into your space. Also make sure youโ€™re going outside enough!

If you love coffee :coffee: , try magically charging your coffee with cinnamon to give it a boost. Stir it clockwise while visualizing yourself bright, awake, and energetic. Or just keep some whole coffee beans at your desk and smell them when you start to lag.

Visualisation is very important too! Spend 5 minutes in the morning imagining yourself working, exercising, studying or whatever you need to get done.

Here are some more ideas:

Good luck and Blessed Be! :pray:


Now that is some very good info @Francisco ! Thank you for sharing.