Mugwort Tea Experience

I mixed mugwort and rose hips and a bit of sweetner (too much as it was liquid and I poured it in the dark) it was really sweet so I wasn’t a fan lol. But I wanted to try it. So here’s my experience:
I slept harder than I’ve slept in years. I had zero dreams or interruptions. It was a solid deep sleep that I can’t remember ever having before. This was possibly the best thing for me. I slept a normal amount of hours so I am not groggy but awake and ready.
As I was reading in the dim light next to me at 6am I felt something. I looked over to have this big ol rat sniffing my face. I screamed (I’m not scared of rats, just wasn’t expecting it.) and I think I threw it as I went out my room. My bestie informed me that she too wake up to a rat on her arm.
Looks like the cats are coming inside for a couple days to chase them out.

keep in mind mugwort has side effects and everyone seems to have different experiences


Holy crap. I’d totally have a friggen fit if I woke up like that. I’m glad you sleep well from the mugwort, however. I just can’t get over the second half of your post! Eek!


Lol. It’s the first time I’ve tried mugwort and just wanted to try it.


I always sleep good when I use mugwort and I love it!! I first used it as an incense and then the tea because my dad has emphysema.


It sounds like the Mugwort worked really well in regards to bringing deep and dreamless sleep for you, @NoName. But wow about your new rat friend! :rat: :flushed: I’m sure if I woke up with a rat by my face I would have yeeted him too- that’s a bit too close for comfort! :laughing:

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Mugwort! If you’re looking to experience it another way, I recommend taking a Mugwort bath :bath: . You get plenty of benefits (especially your skin!) without the side effects of ingesting it. Just a friendly recommendation for you to consider!

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you for sharing!