My 2019 Reflection (tarot spread)

This year was one of the hardest years of my life so far. I experienced every kind of emotion there is throughout this whole year. But I did have a lot of good things happen too. Im hoping 2020 will be positive for me and things will go more smoothly.


It sounds like you’re reflecting on it properly and building the strength you need to overcome this past year. :muscle:

I like how you got the Moon on that last position. Always be proud of your spiritual development and your healing work.

Also good on you for getting past it and continuing toward what you care about.

Stay blessed @Missa and happy new year! :sparkles:


This is a good reflection spread, and it seems like you are doing what you need to do to move forward from the rough year.

Thank you for sharing!


I decided to make use of this spread as well to reflect on my crazy year of 2019. I used my Wild Unknown deck, and here is my result.

I think it is interesting to note in my reading that I was presented with wands for all but one of my cards. This makes sense to me because 2019 was the year I decided to quit my day job and pursue freelancing and my own business. It was a tough decision, and I did spend a lot of time in my mind thinking about what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. The suit of wands is represented by fire and corresponds with passion and creativity.

I won’t go into too much depth with my results, because some of it is personal, but I can say that this spread was very helpful in my introspection and reflection of 2019.


Then it’s amazing that you got the Ace of wands on that last card! :clap:

I think it’s telling that you should be proud of this expansion and of following your vision! That’s a bold move and it’s all about creative energy, so keep it up! :+1: