My altar set up

So ive been looking around online for altar items in the style i want. As an altar is a personal sacred space ive decided im not going basic stuff im going to use items that i feel connected to. So im useing a skull challece , a skull ashtray for an offering bowl. An black atheme, a purple altar cloth. And a broomstick ordiment pentagram and to represent the elements and spirit im using arial from the little mermaid for water as shes a mermaid , tinker bell for wind as shes a fairy , baby simba for earth as hes an animal , my favourite dragon from how to train your dragon for fire, and a wolf for spirit as wolf is my spirit animal.


Your altar sounds like it will be full of meaningful and symbolic items- I am sure it will stunning, @Nikita-mikaelson! :heart:

Have fun collecting your sacred pieces to arrange on your altar, I agree that it should be personal and powerful for you. Enjoy the process and please feel free to share a picture of the finalized space (if you feel comfortable sharing- if not, no worries!) :sparkles:

Blessed be!


Wow, that sounds gorgeous!


your altar sounds like it will be quite interesting to see. When you have it set up as you want it, take a picture for all to see. We enjoy seeing everyone’s altars. I have changed mine a few times as I add more pieces to it and make it my own design. Love to see your’s sometime.


So its empty currently but thats a fuzzy purple blanket ive had since i was a baby im gunna be using for an altar cloth on a counter space that ive never used. I know kinda big area for an altar but its the only place i have the room for one


Greetings, @Nikita-mikaelson :blush:

I hope you don’t mind, but as there is already an ongoing discussion about your altar coming together, I moved your new altar update into the original thread to keep everything together. Thank you for sharing the progress of your altar as it comes into being- it is very exciting to see! :star_struck:

I love fuzzy blankets and it sounds like this one is very special to you- it has been at your side all your life. A very worthy addition to your altar if you ask me! :heart:

Congrats on the first piece coming into place- I can’t wait to see the rest of your altar as it comes to life! Good luck and blessed be :sparkles:


Ofcorse thats okay i will just add my updates to this post to keep it all in one space


Thank you, Nikita! :heart:

I’m really looking forward to seeing how your altar progresses- I know you’re putting your heart into it, and I’m sure the result will be lovely! Enjoy your altar work! :sparkles::blush:


I love the idea of using the characters for different elements. That’s different.


Your alter sounds perfect. This is because you have brought a part of you into the alter🥰


Ive got the basics of my altar coming in the mail