My Beltane mini altar

So to celebrate Beltane today I made a mini Beltane altar. I’m not sure where I originally saw the idea although I’m sure it was on Pinterest
I wish I could have gotten a better picture but the shape of the jar makes it hard to do so you may not see all the items

First I cleansed my jar with incense smoke and then I added:
soil- abundance and fertility and life
Crystals- green aventurine, clear quartz, moss agate, carnelian, fire agate and rose quartz (crystals tied to Beltane)
A twig- represents masculine energy
Brightly colored yarn (I didn’t have any ribbon)- represents feminine energy
Immortelle (helichrysum) flowers- represent spring (and when these were given to me I looked up the meaning which I will also share and was surprised to find that they would be helpful in my current transformation/awakening)

:star: According to immortelle flowers have a special purpose for “the walking wounded” – those who cannot reminisce for fear of the painful emotions that may be remembered. It is also for those who feel their physical self has lost touch with their soul… Helichrysum’s spiritual purpose is to make self-exposure safe .

Which is kind of fitting for Beltane if you think of it in the sense of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, I think. Did anyone else do anything special for Beltane?


Agreed! The butterflies are already going nuts around here- I couldn’t keep up with how many I saw on our walk yesterday. Butterfly season has truly begun- this is such a wonderful spell jar to celebrate them! :butterfly: :blush:

We had a lot of family over (May 1 is Labor Day and a national holiday in Poland) so we had a BBQ and cooked kielbasa on the fire :hotdog: :fire: :yum: Picked some flowers too to make an arrangement, but still haven’t made it to any spellwork yet! I’ve been living magickally-vicariously through everyone in the Beltane 2023 Celebrations Discussion haha.

Really love to see the seasonal spellwork- thank you for sharing your beautiful spell jar! Hope you had a blessed Beltane, @phoenix_dawn :pray::heart:


What a pretty little jar! Those flowers are lovely!

I didn’t do anything really special despite it being a holiday. I don’t have any family and Sally was off so it was just me.


Oh my goodness I love it!


That is too cute, I love it!


This is beautiful and I love the idea of a mini altar like this so very much! Thank you for sharing it with us!!


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