My book of shadows ocd

So I have decided to start a digital book of shadows. I started with my outline and it has came out so well. I can’t wait to fill it out with all the information I already have in my binder book of shadows already. It’s definitely helping me to see it from a bigger picture than just adding pages and moving them around. I plan on using my outline eventually making my binder book of shadows how I want it to look and follow.
I had went through a class learning about office and found out I could do this and now it’s been an amazing help. I can’t wait to learn more and keep adding to both kinds of book of shadows.
If you’d like to see it or even copy the outline I don’t mind putting it on here.


I’ve been considering doing something like this and having a digital BOS that has pretty much everything I want to have access to but then also a physical one that holds the more often used info in it that I can use in the circle. Maybe a physical binder that I can put what I’m actively using and swap out rituals etc seasonally so I don’t have to fumble through all the stuff I don’t need at the time. Right now it’s becoming a book of loose random pages inserted in a spiral notebook, with pages slipping out like falling leaves! My book needs a serious redo, lol! Should be a good winter project for me.


Try seasonal binders I know there’s plenty of like half inch to an inch sized binders. That might be great to have for seasonal circle stuff. Easy to get to and work with plus you’d still be able to change stuff out so if you did something you could take it out and put it in your main binder or something along those lines.


Congrats on your new digital Book of Shadows, @luna2! :partying_face: I think technology and magick don’t have to be at odds, they actually pair together quite well. Going digital is a great way to get everything organized, and makes it so easy to add in new information as you learn :open_book: :blush:

Feel free to share your outline- I’m sure it will be helpful to many looking to also reorganize their witchy wisdom! :computer: :woman_mage: