My Current Top 5 Books (New Age/Metaphysical)

Not In Any Particular Order :slight_smile:
I just thought i’d share my current favorites in the genre realm of Wicca, New Age, Metaphysical Etc… I bought some of these from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Half Price Books.

1. Crystals For Everyday Living by Christina Rodenbeck

2. Llewellyn’s Little Book Of Halloween by Mickie Mueller

3. Wicca by Harmony Nice

4. The Crystal Witch by Shawn Robbins & Leanna Greenway

5. Essential Guide To Psychic Powers by Sarah Barlett

I love these recommendations! :blush:

I don’t have any of them (yet!) but they all look familiar, especially Harmony Nice who seems to be everywhere!

What did you think about Llewellyn’s Little Book of Halloween? It looks fun and I guess it has ideas for group activities?

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@Francisco I love it! Its really informative!


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So many interesting titles in those chapters! Now i’m even more curious (“Voices at the Crossroads”??) I will try to get the book soon! :

What about the books on crystals you mentioned? Would you recommend one over the other?

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I have Harmony’s book, but I haven’t had the chance to even start reading it. I’ve been so freaking busy that I haven’t had the chance to do much of anything besides work lol Thank you for sharing!

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@Francisco not really! Both are great :slight_smile: