My entry about this week's challenge 🌳

Hello everyone!

First of all, I want to thank @TheTravelWitch_Bry and @Kasandra for creating this beautiful challenge. This is one of the things that was on my to-do list.

Last Saturday I went to a place called “Lago de Tota” near where I live to thank mother earth for many things before I move. Walking by nature, I look down the floor and felt how a bough of a tree laying on the floor called my attention, I immediately picked it up. The guide guy said it was a part of an Alder tree, and that tree attracts water, I found it in an isle located in the middle of the lake.

Today, I’ve studied the links about the trees and their importance to the Irish and Celts and found beautiful info about the Alder tree and its powers, this is definitely going to be the wood for my new wand! Besides all that, I’ve learned so much about trees in general, more about Irish Ogham, sacred trees, the vine tree that is sacred in my birth month, and much more! I’m now planning to carve this beautiful Alder bough into a powerful wand very soon.

Here’s a pic of the lake:

And some of my wand-to-be:

Thanks, again for this amazing challenge

Happy Wolf Full Moon! :wolf:


Oh my! That’s a beautiful lake and an interesting-looking stick! That’ll make something very witchy! Happy Wolf Moon to you too!


Oh, that looks so beautiful and peaceful there!


Wow, that place looks heavenly, all that beach and the lake. Amazing!
Have a wonderful time making your wand. :wand_tarot:


What a great find you are very lucky!!


It sounds like you had an amazing journey! :deciduous_tree: I’m glad you got to take a walk in nature and give your thanks before you move. Alder was actually the ogham fid I pulled last week! It’s the fid of Fern (F) and it’s main keyword is protection. The wood from the alder tree was used to make shields but also buckets and bowls. It’s a great choice for your wand!


OH- that is GORGEOUS! :heart_eyes: Look at that picture- what an amazing place for a nature walk! :national_park: :heart:

I’m so glad you enjoyed your studies of the trees and wood and that you were able to find a lovely new piece to turn into a wand- so exciting, @WhiteFox! Congrats to you on your fun adventure both outside and with inner knowledge. May the memories and new wand bring you good energy as you move forward with your big move- I am wishing you all the best! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is a beautiful entry to this week’s Sacred Tree and Wood Challenge! (just tying this great entry to the challenge with a hyperlink- it makes it easy to find this lovely post again in the future! :blush:) Thank you so much for sharing! :clap:


Well done, little WhiteFox!