My favourite time of day

I wanted to share this picture, sorry for bad quality.
But this moon is radiating such a powerful energy :star_struck:
Please share with me how full moon influences your say to day life. :blush:


What a gorgeous sky. We get alot of rain in Bristol (England), so our skies are grey. I do like the moon when I can see it. Hopefully it’ll be clear tomorrow for the Blue Moon :sparkling_heart:


That is a beautiful shot of the moon. I can see the details on its surface nicely. :black_heart:

The moon has influenced much of my life, especially as I used always to stay up late. It’s about 03:39 right now. Yep, that’s AM. And I can hear kookaburras calling in the distance.

When I was younger, I wrote poems about the passage of time, the moon, and darkness. The moon always appeared as a beauty but also a rose with thorns, mysterious and alluring but potentially dangerous, protective and guiding. She was “the enigmatic, exquisite moon.”

When I was having a rough time, the moon would disappear from these visions, and I would speak of the darkness: “my austere, desolate world of melancholy reverie where the stars have gone astray, and the moon struggles to radiate down upon us.”

These days, I appreciate all forms of the moon. But I celebrate the full and the new moons in particular. And when I journal, I try to do it under the light of the night sky. That is where I am most comfortable.

You can also bet I have a lot of moonstones all over the place. In honour of the moon, I designed my wedding ring to feature moonstones quite heavily, with a large round one taking the central spot.


Here are the rings. There are two, they just are made to fit together. I knew I had a half-decent photo of them somewhere.


@tracyS I hope you can enjoy a clear sky tomorrow and everyday :purple_heart:

@starborn Your words are very poetic, I bet you write very nice essays and maybe poems.
I agree with you, the duality of the moon is alluring and scarily powerful. I am a moon worshiper myself, and I like the idea of your wedding ring. Imagine the wedding arch being a new moon as well. Magnificent!!! :star_struck:


Imagine the wedding arch being a new moon as well.

That’s a great observation! So far, I had only thought of the full and crescent moons being represented. But I’m going to add this as well. Thank you for the insight. :black_heart:

And now that you mention it…

I have this velvet cloth with an eclipse on it that makes me think I could also see an eclipse in the metal ring around the central moonstone, as well.


Look at that :heart_eyes: :crescent_moon:


Beautiful picture!

I think the moon influences my life because She reminds me that she is always there. You can sometimes get a glance of her during the day and it’s like she’s watching over me.


The moon helps to guide the type of magick I cast and the things I focus on- the waxing moon reminds me to focus on growth, development, and moving forward. The waning moon is a time to let go (especially of stress and anxiety!) and be more passive. A full moon is a time for fun and splurging a bit, while the time of the new moon is one of rest.

Gorgeous moon! Thank you for sharing, Eva :full_moon_with_face: :two_hearts:


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