My first rose crystal


I’ve just got my 1st new crystal. It’s a rose quartz one.

Is there any kind of ritual that I should do before using it please ?


Not really unless you’d like to. If your intent is for unconditional love, then just meditate with a pink candle and hold it in your hands and focus on your intent as a pink, glowing light going into the crystal from the candle. Imaging the crystal radiating a pink glowing light. You could even whisper your intent to your crystal. I hope this helps. :revolving_hearts:


Thank you !! Will definitely try this :two_hearts:



OOOH! Mirta has a new pretty! Personally, I know I should show favoritism, but I love Rose quartz.


Congrats on your first crystal, @mirta- and what a lovely one to choose! As Christina said, doing anything with the crystal is your choice. If you’d like, you can cleanse it: Rose Quartz: Cleansing and Activation.

More info about Rose Quartz, including its magickal properties and a guided meditation, can be found at the following page:

Rose Quartz and Meditation

(if you don’t have a pink candle, a white candle will work as a substitute!)

Enjoy your lovely new crystal! Blessed be :gem::sparkles:


Congrats on your first crystal @Mirta! I’m partial to rose quartz myself right now as I am needing a boost in the self-love department with my depression and fatigue issues.

I also want to say that I LOVE the cloth that you have in the first picture. It is absolutely stunning!


sending you love Jessica and lit a pink candle.


Thank you @Garnet! I greatly appreciate that.


It ended up blue, my candles were in a box under the recliner and I couldn’t reach it but the sentiment was still love.



What a wonderful choice. I love Rose quartz and have several.

When I get a new crystal, I do clean them because I don’t know the history, origin, or who might have handled it, etc. There are several ways to do this… smudging, placing them in the light of a full moon, (be careful with sunshine, salt, cleansers, because some crystals will fade, such as turquoise )

I personally like to clean them during ceremony:
1st - I cleanse myself and the area with a smudge stick, light candles then I call in the directions,
2nd - I call in my helpers such as Goddesses, or spirits, ancestors (your choice),
3rd - perform your ritual, ceremony or blessing,
4th - thank your helpers and your done.

I do this because I was once given a crystal by someone who had been very depressed, and lots of problems. I put it on. It didn’t take long until I was feeling all those emotions, and I quickly took it off.

Love always,


@jessica55 I share the struggle. I’m struggling hard with self love and acceptance. My tarot cards have been screaming at me to do some self reflection and releasing the past and believe me when I say it’s draining me to the core and making me view myself in a very unhealthy light. I’m having to face a lot of things I didn’t even realize ever affected me and I’m having to make amends for any toxicity I gave to people I care about. It’s humbling to say the least. I’m lighting a pink candle for you and adding you to my prayers. Blessed be love :two_hearts:


Thank you @phoenix_dawn! I’ve be battling depression for a while and probably always will. But, as you have mentioned, my guides have been helping me work through things and work on self love. I think that is why I’m drawn to the rose quartz. Plus it’s so pretty!


Thank you Jessica! I wish you happy recovery soon :two_hearts:


Soooo nice of you :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


WOW :star_struck: Thank you so much !! :two_hearts:


Thank you, @Mirta. Unfortunately, this will be something I will always deal with. Sometimes it is worse then others but I am learning ways to make the dark times less. I thankfully have a great support system. The biggest hurdle has been learning to deal with the executive dysfunction that occurs (Here is a great article on it if you are interested Good Therapy - Executive Dysfunction). I’ve become an advocate of mental health care in the process so I feel that even though it sucks, it has a purpose in my life.



I have struggled with depression ever since I can remember… I am so sorry you are going through that. I am a very emotional person and sometimes I lose control of my emotions which drains all my energy. I do know how depression and being so tired that I can’t move affects me, I’ve been there. It’s like a dark hole I fall into.

I am in a better place at the moment… thankfully!

I use citrine, it’s like sunshine. I have little bags of Citrine that I place on my chakras. Clear crystals, such as Quartz, help remove energy blocks, first lay down, then place one crystal above your head, another below your feet, and hold one in each palm.

Being is nature is the best, sitting with the trees, listening to their whispers. Or sitting by a running stream, let it gently wash your troubles away. Nature is healing.

I also use essential oils, such as, Rose, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Helichrysum, and Jasmine, but you can use whatever your are drawn to. The citrus oil are especially helpful depression.

I’m sorry if I’ve given you too much information, but know that my intent is to help you in whatever way I can. I would be happy to send you healing if you would like, with your permission of course.

Keeping you in my prayers, take care dear one!

Love always,


@Marsha , thank you for all the information! I would absolutely accept any healing energy you want to send my way. I do have citrine that I keep around. I’ll try the mediation with the clear quartz as well.

I am currently creating a jar of “Apollo’s sunshine” for use when it’s winter time. Briefly, you take a jar of sunflower oil and charge it on the sun over the course of a week then when you need the sun’s energy, you can dab some of the oil onto whenever you called to. You can add whatever crystals and herbs you wish to create the intentions you want.

I do try to spend time outside but it is way too hot to spend a lot of time right now in Texas. We are finally getting are summer temperatures and are having 100+ °F most days. We do like to sit outside under our canopy with some fans and iced drinks in the evenings and watch the sun go down though.