My homemade wand

since I saw so many awesome wands, I thought I would show mine. It isn’t as ornate as others, but it resonates with me. :blush:


That’s beautiful! I love the flowers :grinning:


Thanks, :grin: My cat likes it too​:rofl:


Beautiful wand, @flowing! :heart_eyes: It is so colorful and bright- would you mind sharing the components? I can see several types of greenery as well as colored ribbons :ribbon: :herb::sparkles:. Are those crystals as well? :gem:

It really is a work of art- and all the better if it has the approval of your furry friend too! :cat: :two_hearts:

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely wand! :magic_wand:


Sure☺️ First, I do believe those are crystals.(I don’t feel vibration or energy from any crystals-not just these) The ribbons are representing Wind, flowers-Earth, reed- Water, Candle wax on bottom and dowel-Fire.

I have read both where the wand is a fire element and where it is a wind element (Same with the sword ). I have my wand as a fire element and my sword as a wind element.


All beautiful components of the wand, @flowing- I can tell you put a lot of thought and love into crafting it! Beautiful! :magic_wand: :heart:

I’ve seen that too from time to time, but it does seem like the majority (at least from what I’ve seen) agrees with what you’ve chosen- with the wand as fire and the sword as wind/air.

Of course, what matters most is that it works well for you and you feel comfortable with it! You’ve got yourself a gorgeous wand, Flowing- enjoy it! :sparkling_heart: :blush:


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