My magical journals

so i just finished the lesson on book of mirrors. i find this utterly halarious. as i was already setting up a magical journal got the a5 pleather binder when i got my a5 book of shadows pleather binder. my book of mirrors is red and book of shadows is purple. keeping to those colors to keep things orginized im also planing on having a dream journal in a brown pleather a5 binder and a tarot/oracle journal in a black a5 binder. im color coding. but what i found funny is i didnt even know a magical journal was a thing ive just always had journals so it just seemed right to have one to record my magical journey.


You’ve got good instincts!


That’s one of the most fun things about magickal studies in my opinion- when we begin formal studies, it’s always amazing to see what things we were already doing, even without knowing they could be related to magick :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I agree with Amethyst- you’ve got good instincts, Nikita! And a heart full of magick :heart::blush:

Blessed be and enjoy your journalling!

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