My March reading

I hope this loads…:crossed_fingers:I pulled these cards for my March reading today. I am still on a learning curve with Tarot but I think is is a good reading. Indicating the breaking of bad habits(maybe too much spending) and having a fulfilling, harmonious month with feelings of success and wholeness provided I practice restraint where needed.

What interpretations do you have? Am I on target here?


Umm, it might help if we knew the intent of each position in the layout. Are we focusing on the elements; past, present, and future; a Native American image layout; ancestors, family, spirit guides, friends; a weekly read?

I guess I have collected too many layouts for different readings: I don’t think simple anymore. Sorry.


Hey @Cattleya :heart:

Are you using the monthly spread that’s shared in the March 2024 :sparkles: Collective Reading Check-In? I think that’s the one you’re using, so I’m going to base my interpretation on that :sweat_smile:

Monthly Theme: The World

→ completion, potential travel, everything up until now has come to this moment

Past Influence: Queen of Wands

→ courage and confidence, passions, determination

Roadblock: Nine of Pentacles

→ abundance, luxury, independence

Possible Outcome: The Devil Reversed

→ breaking bad habits, shadow work, releasing limiting beliefs

I think it looks like a good month! Your theme revolves around The World, so most likely having to do with completing cycles and integrating what you’ve learned so far. Your influence is your courage and confidence as evidenced by the Queen of Wands. Your passion is your driving force. The roadblock being the Nine of Pentacles is interesting. It might require you to evaluate your view of success and wealth. Are you preoccupied with financial status and money? This could hold you back. Your potential outcomes, though, are really good. The Devil Reversed breaks bad habits and destroys beliefs that are holding you back.

I think March is going to be a good month for you!


Thank you Megan! Yes that is the spread I am using!


It is the spread mentioned by Megan in her response. Like I said I am very green with Tarot.


You’re very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad I was able to help!