My mom is sick , can I help her get better through wicca?

My mom got a bad case of the flu about a week ago and it pains me to see her like this :’( do you know of any spells or prayers that could help her recover her health ? Or what kind of incense , oils and gems are good to recover health ? I really want to help her feel better
Thank you so much
Blessed be ~


Grate an inch of fresh ginger and put in a mug. Add a dash of cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of honey. Add plenty of lemon juice, or about half a lemon. Then add hot water. :raised_hands:

Ginger is good for the stomach, lemon and honey for the throat, and the cayenne for the sinuses and nasal issues.

Light an orange or yellow (solar) candle to help surround her with healing energy. :sparkles:

Keep in mind that if she’s really sick and it persists, visit a doctor! Science is the best witchcraft!


I’m not sure of any specific spells, and I always think it is better to create your own, but you could try taking a look at the two remedies I wrote about in this post here. Laurie also shared a remedy of her own there in the comments.