My music/ my moods

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Bipolar disorder, BPD and PTSD at a young age, plus I’m an empath and I swear if it wasnt for my music I probably wouldnt be here.
I’ve heard people tell me thats silly but think about it, is it really?
My partner tells me all the time he can tell which mood I’m in by the music I’m listening to.
Im a forever emo lol, so I love My Chemical romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, Fall Out Boy , Evanescence etc.
I actually have playlists that are listed as moods, depressed, anger etc and listen to accordingly. I even have one listed as Misc. for when I’m feeling conflicted.
My Dr had made the comment that if im depressed I shouldn’t listen to depressing songs, but I explained to him I listen because it helps me feel not so alone, that someone else actually has felt the same way.
I feel like music has saved my life on more than one occasion. Im not great at verbalising my feelings, so if I can use my music to self heal or to let others know how I’m feeling inside why not?
Does anyone else use their music to self heal or to communicate their feelings?


Same. Mainstream pop music means I’m becoming a little manic. How much so depends on the types of songs. There’s the Can’t Get You Out Of My Head and the Maniac type, the Industry Baby and Blinding Lights type, and then there’s the Daddy Cool and Boogie Wonderland type, and so on. (Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia is one of my favourite albums.) But if that takes a twist into Marilyn Manson party rock like from his The Golden Age of Grotesque album, it’s a more sexual manic and much more rare.

My phonk playlist is just straight-up groovin’ confidence. Then there’s my darksynth playlist which is a darker kind of confidence that’s more true to myself, with AKUMA being the main track (while Beware the Beast is on the goofier end of the scale, almost leading into other playlists). And a future funk playlist that’s more of a happy, cutesy, but funky af kind of confidence. (Love the bass.)

My hip-hop playlist is when I’m feeling goofy (“they don’t even know the name of my band”). My R&B one (or my Chinese pop one) is for when I’m feeling nostalgic, just depends on what kind of nostalgic. My outrun one is for cruising at night in a 90s car. My instrumental melodeath one is for when I need to relax the eff down.

Then there’s a playlist with modern vampire-themed music. That’s more of an emotional journey kind of thing. I don’t have the words to describe that yet.

I have a bunch of instrumental music to help me focus and fight the ADHD monsters. Just depends on what kind of tasks I need to do.

And so on. :black_heart:


I’ve heard Amy didn’t like the album, but Fallen (and The Open Door) got me through school. :black_heart:

Totally unrelated, but do you like The Pretty Reckless? 25 is amazing. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@starborn "Totally unrelated, but do you like The Pretty Reckless? "

Absolutely! “You Make Me Wanna Die” is my main favorite but love them all. Just like right now my empowerment song is “Doub Me” by Beartooth. Love the whole album but whenever I find myself second guessing my gut instincts I just put that song on and the energy and sense of empowerment really seems to be amped up.
My Chemical Romance and Evanescence really helped me get through my 20’s, especially when I was feeling depressed or lonely.
Amy Lee didn’t like thise albums because before they hit it big, they used to be a Christian band, so I guess for her it was going against her core beliefs. You can see that in the lyrics for “Everybody’s Fool”.
I really like their newer album “Bitter Truth”
When i want positive or feel good songs I listen to 30 Seconds to Mars or All Time Low, Green Day, Paramore ( older songs)etc.
Oh btw saw MCR when they came to my town May of 2022. It was awesome. Gokng to see Pierce The Veil in April. :dancing_women: cant wait :smiley_cat:


Back in the day, I was having a problem with depression and I played the heck out of Meat Loaf’s I Don’t Know What It Is But It Just Won’t Quit. That song pops up every once in a while for me and I remember how it helped me hang on, that I wasn’t the only one who felt like that.


That was the first song I heard of them. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It reminds me of all my past relationships though, so listening to it is definitely connected to a mood, but I’m not sure which. Definitely not nostalgia! Maybe some good ol’ “eff you” power. :joy:

I’m enjoying this! Thanks for sharing. :black_heart:

Oh wow, Paramore’s new stuff is so funky. I’m going to have to find a playlist to sneak stuff like Running Out Of Time into.

Exciting! Have all the fun! :smile: :black_heart:


I stopped listening to mainstream ‘pop’ eons ago. Actually if you at my Spotify likes listed you can probably guess close to the year (though don’t ask me if I’m right, cuz I can’t remember now for certain)

I have come one a huge country fan since then. I tend to like sing ca artist and it takes a lot for me to lean to one artist consistently. Country music wise it Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Lady A, Carrie Underwood that I lean to. Some others but again more song than artist.

Main stream, I be the first to say— Backstreet Boys. Lol no shame. But so many others that I can’t think of them all. Evanescence is one them. Green day. Main steam I leaned all over— emo, a little rap (but the good stuff in my eyes— Eminem, Will Smith). Dance stuff.


Hearing “Rolling in the Deep” being called “eons ago” is reminding me of my age. :joy:

Wow, Ace of Base! I haven’t listened to The Sign since… Actually, since one of the times friends came over a few months ago and I was playing music. :smile:


**OMG ** that looked like my playlists back when my kids were little, my “baby” is now 23 so yea i know what you mean. But i STILL listen to alot of those songs :joy_cat:
This is the playlist I listen to the most currently

Oh and i love country music got a playlist for that too :joy_cat: :joy_cat: :joy_cat:


You want a REALLY good eff you song
Your betrayel by Avenge Sevenfold
Its both an eff you song AND an empowerment song. I unfortunately or maybe fortunately play that one a lot :joy_cat:


You and me BOTH :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Oh, I love this! :black_heart:

Aahh… I’m out of likes to give already. :woman_facepalming:

You might like these Aussies, if you haven’t heard them before. :black_heart:

The scene where the battle took place
Now only whispers of that war remain
Through fen damp and glade deep
Crept the fog which was their bane

Harkee the pain
Welcome your death and the silence it makes


Hmmm love the music especially the guiter riffs but the dudes voice is just too deep for me, they sound a bit like Rammstein and those guys creep me out :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
For me its alot about the voices whether i connect with them or not. Like Breaking Benjamin and Slipknot, they both do SOME lines in a deep growl type voice but the majority in the songs are nice melodic voices.
But this is definitely something my son would love gonna pass it on to him :blush::blush:


I know what you mean about the dude’s voice. :joy: With metal and its subgenres, I prefer zero vocals.

I told this to my friend, who introduced me to Be’lakor and he said something like, “I treat vocals as instruments, so it doesn’t bother me.” I’m trying to learn to hear vocals as instruments when I find songs where I enjoy the music and not the screaming or growling. But it’s a slow process and I would kind of prefer just finding instrumental versions. :sweat_smile:

I used to have a playlist that was nothing but instrumental melodic death metal, and then I lost it… I really need to recreate it someday. :cry:


I’m with you in that one :rofl::rofl:


I am a BIG metal head! It seems the older I get the angrier the music. That seems to have eased up a bit. I like less angry music :laughing: some of my current favorites are:
Ice Nine Kills
Motionless in White
All Time Low
The Birthday Massacre
The Gentorturers (I think that’s how you spell it)
Eva Under Fire
The Warning…
my current favorite that my dad pointed out to me-they are hard rock (not metal). 3 sisters. They started when they were very young. Their band is managed entirely by family. They do some covers, but mostly original music. My favs are Choke, Free Falling, When I’m alone.
You can find them on spotify or YouTube. I highly recommend you check them out!

I now listen to instrumental music, such as zen, celtic, Nordic and “witchy” music like the playlist that was posted on the site.

I must have been angry for quite awhile as reflected in my angry music. Since I’ve found witchcraft, my music has mellowed some. I still don’t want to listen to “slow songs” for whatever reason. I think they make me sad even if it’s not a sad song.


Thanks so much I love listening ³to new bands ( well new to me anyways, lol), will definitely check them out.
And I’ve always considered All Time Low as punk emo pop. :blush::blush:


Yes…I do have a little bit of eclectic taste. I started listening to them recently as I like some mellower music now.


Yes, I absolutely have. I have so many different playlists and moods, but I feel the same as you. The music that reflects the mood or way I’m feeling gives me the words to explain it without needing to explain it myself, if that makes sense…? :sweat_smile: It’s like… there’s a song out there for literally every way that I may be feeling. The music also helps me process my emotions in ways that aren’t possible without those connections.


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