My new Athame?

My wonderful, supportive fiance surprised me with an athame!! It came with writting on the blade that had been bugging me as to whatvis said. Finally, i found out it is frodos dager from Lord of the rings it is written in tengwar (elven). And says I am sting the spiders bane… at first i had a uhg feeling hit me, but then thought i can learn this language and maybe use it for …something? Any thoughts? I have cleansed and consecrated it and have a strong connection through use and such, i love it just the writting throws me off.


Congrats on your new athame, @Keilana! :dagger: :sparkles: That was very thoughtful gift from your fiance :blush:

If you feel a strong connection with the athame, I don’t see why you shouldn’t use it in your practice! Many blades are mass produced in molds or crafted to replicate blades and swords from history- and that doesn’t take away the value of each individual piece. No matter the origins, every blade is its own entity and will take on the unique qualities and energies of the one who wields it :dagger:

Your athame is yours- it is special to you!

Languages are wonderful things- if you feel that learning Tengwar will help to deepen your connection with your athame, I say go for it! Tolkien was a linguistis master and the languages he created for Middle Earth are studiable- in fact, there is a large collection of “Tolkien scholars” and many of them offer materials to help others learn the lore and languages of Middle Earth.

If learning the language doesn’t seem like the right path forward (and no one would blame you- learning any new language is rewarding but hard work!) you could always alter what the words mean to you.

As the wielder of the athame, the meaning of the words in your mind is the only thing that matters. You could do a ritual to change the meaning of the words, and then carry their new meaning in your heart any time you use your athame.

Just my two cents here! Either way, I hope you continue to enjoy your lovely new athame :blush:

Blessed be!


I love your thoughts, thank you for sharring.


I’m happy if it was helpful for you, Aimee! :blush:

The forum is a bit quiet at this time of day, but I’m sure others will have some helpful thoughts and advice for you soon too :infinite_roots: :heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


The athame is the elemental tool of Air or of Fire, depending on your tradition. It is generally not used to cut physical objects, but to direct energy and draw boundaries.
It can be engraved if it is your wish, but it isn’t an imperative.
I would consecrate and bless your new blade and use this precious gift from your husband.


What a lovely gift! I would use it, no doubt about it. I was tempted to get a small replica of Conner MacLeod’s sword, but it was too expensive. LOL!


That’s a nice and wonderful gift
Enjoy it🙏


I’m absolutely sure you can learn this language and use it in your magical work! You could even cast spells and say chants and incantations in the language.


I saw that same blade and thought about getting it for myself as an athame. What an excellent gift! It’s also a beautiful blade. :heart_eyes:


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