My Passage into the New Year Challenge Entry

Once again I find myself on a Monday night finally putting together my written entry for the challenge :laughing:

Most times I have trouble figuring out exactly what to do for my entry and this was no exception. I decided on the last day of the year to take advantage of the wonderful Year Ahead Tarot Reading provided by @MeganB

I used my Grimalkin’s Curious Cats tarot deck.

While I won’t go in-depth into my reading’s details, what it did help me with was seeing what months would be the ones I would be celebrating accomplishments. Those little peeks into the future embolden me to plan challenges and set goals the month before with the mindset of “what if I can’t fail?”

I was heartened by the goal of my year. Which is a challenge I am willing to accept - to make a change that will lead to a positive new beginning. I have been stuck. Pretending I’m happy procrastinating and not challenging myself. But I would love to end the year proud of myself for finally making THIS the year I took my business and myself seriously.

I also picked my 2022 Tarot Card as suggested in the 2022 Tarot by the Moon from Ethony. I liked the challenge of looking through my deck and finding the card that held the energy that I wanted for the coming year. With my Goal of the Year set, I used that to find the card that I felt most fit that to me.

I chose the Eight of Pentacles

If I want to make my business a success, something that I am proud of, it will take dedication, perseverance, and focus.

I do plan to take this week to review my yearly spread and write out my year goals. For me, if I don’t have a plan and make a schedule, I won’t get it done.

Thank you for the great challenge, the resources, and the support to welcome a New Year.

Blessed be,



Wonderful job! I’m glad my tarot spread was able to inspire you and embolden you to make challenges in the coming year :partying_face: Also, that tarot deck is absolutely gorgeous!


Beautiful work with your cards, @katnabis, and beautiful cards to work with! :grinning: I love the cat deck! :heart_eyes_cat: From the bright, cheery colors to the cute kitties up to very cat-like schenangians, it’s such a fun deck to see :two_hearts:

I’m glad your tarot work helped to peer ahead into the new year and find strength in what you saw. Congrats to you on your positive new beginning! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful entry, Kat- you did a great job! :clap:

Wishing you a very happy and blessed new year- may your business and goals be successful! :sparkles: