My Weekly Challenge Deities of the Moon πŸŒ•

For this weekly challenge I have decided to work with the Lady since she is a symbol of reverence that is not only commonly associated with other deities but with the spells and chants that we cast on a regular basis. I have decided to perform a simple chant spell using moon water that I have collected for this purpose.

My intentions behind this challenge is not to only charge my crystals as I will commonly no around that phrase but to also seek truth and guidence while doing my spells or chants when working with the moon.

I then went hunting on for a simple moon chant spell to honor this aspect of working with the Lady. Below is a copy of what I came up with :blush:
There was no items need for this chant, only your intentions. I however went ahead and added a little extra things to this chant spell for my intended purpose. Additional items used are;

  • White candle (1 or 2) one for you and the Lady.

  • Clear (See Throw) Container to place crystals in with the moon water.

  • Crystals (White or Rose Quarts)

  • Moon Water

While meditating and connecting my intentions I then said this chant. I repeated it three times (3Γ—) for better results. The candle burns it self out.

Since I am working with limited to no space at all a proper picture was not posted for you have a magickal experience with me. Majority of my spells are preformed in my closet, untill I have more space to emphasize on my altar and make it the most beautiful thing ever :grin: nevertheless i managed to pull through.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I enjoyed this challenge.

Blessed BeπŸ’«


:hibiscus:Nick Wick,
What a great chant! :blush:
Blessed be✨


Lovely sounding ritual! You did good!


I love this ritual of yours!! I love that we use the same jars for moon water!!! The truth spell chant is catchy!!! I was saying it over a couple of times :joy_cat: hey, it doesn’t hurt!!! Thanks love for sharing your challenge!!! :hugs::revolving_hearts::deer:


Thank you so much @Jeannie1 :heart::candle:


Yes!! Its was full of moon water too :blush:They are very durable. I also have the baby ones to it that is 3 inches tall but they come with cute handles. The chant was also really catchy indeed simple and sweet. Happy to share. :heart:


Ur welcome Nick Wick!:grin:


You made the best of your situation in the closet and did a beautiful job- this is some lovely full moon spellwork, @NickWick! May the Lady continue to watch over and bless you :full_moon: :sparkles:

Thanks so much for sharing! :blush: