Mystery School and Trans-Himalayan Spirituality

There is a temple near me that I’m trying to learn more about, whether it’s something to get involved with or not. The place is really beautiful, lovingly restored buildings from the 1500’s in the middle of nature, some parts cared for and some left to grow on their own. I discovered the place when looking for tantric life coach training, apparently that’s one of the things they offer.

The temple advertises itself as a mystery school for something called Trans-Himalayan teachings. According to it all life springs forth from Spirit as Souls, which are our higher selves, and to grow further towards Spirit as Souls we’ve taken a collective gamble (we as Earth here I think) to spread ourselves to lower and more dense frequencies to take a Personality, also known as an Ego, in hope to learn to integrate it. You know the saying “if a tree is to reach all the way to Heaven it needs roots that reach all the way to Hell”. It does sound consistent with what I’ve learned before at least.

Then there’s this thing, that humanity is going through a major and painful Soul Initiation right now. It’s a touchy subject and putting it like that might be triggering to some, feeling like it diminishes the personal suffering they and their loved ones are going through. I’m sorry if it does, I feel for you. Still many of us have already woken up to our spirituality during this crisis. I know I have.

Then comes the hard part: seeming knowledge of “how things really work”, including several higher planes of existence beyond our physical, mental and emotional. Knowledge of beings on those planes, including ascended masters, conveniently from who most of this information comes from, all the way to the supreme creator of the multiverse. I can’t really say anything on this right now, it doesn’t feel immediately wrong at least. We’ll see where this and further lives take us.

They do seem genuine people with good hearts and souls, but then I know some people can mask their intentions well. I want to keep my mind open and free of fear, but keep my discernment. Is it a cult? It very much looks like one. Is it something I need in my life? Not strictly. Would it be good for me? I can’t know that yet with the little information I have.


Greetings @CelestiaMoon! :blush:

This is really interesting- it sounds like you’ve found a very interesting group of spiritual worshippers! I’m always fascinated about different paths of spirituality, so thank you so much for sharing this!

I hope you don’t mind that I moved it into a thread of its own- things unfortunately have a habit of getting lost under the pinned topics, so I figured you might get more replies (and perhaps find someone who knows more about this group you’ve found!) by rehoming it into its own discussion!

Do they have a website by any chance? That might help you to learn more about them from the comfort and safety of your own space. Going to a new and unknown group and interacting with them in their own space can be overwhelming and can sometimes make it difficult to make clear decisions under pressure (at least that’s what I’ve found)! Good luck with your studies and please stay safe! :heart: :sparkles:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry, I’m all for the experiental approach but I do want to be careful of what I get myself into. I love that you find this fascinating too!

The temple does have a website and it’s in English too. It also has some interesting guided meditations.


Thanks for sharing the website! :blush:

Interesting that the group seems to originate in Finland- I can’t say I know much about Finnish traditions, I wonder if this group uses traditional local ideas? Although I see a few mentions of “Shamballa” so perhaps they involve Buddhist principles too? Or perhaps it’s a mix of multiple religions and spiritualities.

From their website:

We live honoring the Cosmic rhythms as well, with zodiac-based initiations, New and Full Moon meditations, and portals through the Solstices, Equinoxes and key planetary conjunctions and alignments.

It looks like they follow the solstices, equinoxes, moon rituals and astrology- very interesting indeed!

Good for you for playing it safe (always good to start out slow and careful with any new group or gatherings! :heart:)- if you do decide to pursue it and find out more about the group, feel free to share! And if for any reason you don’t feel comfortable sharing it here in the public part of the forum, just say the word and I’d be happy to move this topic in A Sacred Space (coven members only) :blush: :+1:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


This sounds amazingly cool! I watch a lot of the Mystery Teachings on Gaia. Fascinating subjects. Quantum Science, alchemy, universal awareness and consciousness, spirituality! So much information! So yeah, if I had a mystery school around me I would definitely want to go.


From what I’ve seen so far they respect the land and the local traditions, but a lot of their teachings come from another mystery school in Australia called the Highden Temple. The leader of the local Nikkilä Temple is actually born in Bolivia, I haven’t met her but I think I’m in love just a little :joy: She has a site called “Remember Yourself” where she has more personal writings and services of her own she’s providing, including different kinds of tantric journeys I’m not exactly sure if she’s still offering after opening the temple. Maybe I could reach out and ask.

She has another website for a model called The Cross, which is pretty much dividing the personality into the axes of Light/Dark and Feminine/Masculine, exploring the polarities to find the center, something I’ve experimented with too. So much fascinating stuff! :star_struck:

Maybe too much to explore on my own, I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this! :hugs::sparkles:

EDIT: She calls herself a “7th ray Soul” in some of her recordings, or transmissions like she likes to call them. That’s another model that seems to be part of the Trans-Himalayan spirituality. I found this description of the different Rays, and the website seems to have plenty of other related writings too, going really deep. From looking at the different descriptions and doing a couple of tests I have a feeling that I’d be a 2nd ray soul. Here’s one such test.


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