Natural adhesive?

I have a small piece of a geode with a really cool shape and want to attach it to an even smaller piece of wood

I don’t want to wrap it, I don’t want to use chemical glue and I don’t think wax is strong enough.

Anyone have any suggestions?


I’ve never looked into natural adhesives but I did a quick search around the internet and found a site that might be helpful!

In the past, glue was usually homemade and natural. There are so many alternatives to store-bought synthetic glues. You can make homemade natural glue with various natural ingredients like flour, gelatin, egg white, milk and tree resin.

Natural glues have been used for around 200,000 years while synthetic glues have only been used for less than 100 years!

Below are 25 recipes for homemade natural glues: All these glues are perfectly safe for kids and are easy and quick to make at home with kitchen ingredients! But there are also historical glue recipes for special applications, such as DIY water-proof glue and homemade natural super glue.

:point_down: From this website here!


My first instict for chemical-free attachment is wire wrapping- I’ve seen some beautiful pieces of art in the past, and have some lovely wire-wrapped crystal jewelry!- but if that’s not the right option for you, it looks like Megan has you covered with some awesome natural glue ideas- I’ll definitely be exploring the list too! :eyes::scroll: :two_hearts:

Good luck with your crafting, @Nixi! :heart:


Thank you so much. How is it that I search and hit dirt, then you search and hit gold?


haha I don’t use Google? Maybe that’s it :joy: I use a search engine called Ecosia!


Mine too, it didn’t feel right and I want sure if it would sit properly. I might revisit the idea with some of what Megan found

@MeganB That explains it


It’s my favorite search engine – it helps me plant trees! :deciduous_tree:


Wishing you all the best with it- good luck, Nixi! :raised_hands: :heart:


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