Need help, advice to help in anyway

I’m a baby witch still learning a lot, but I just got a job might be going to 3rd shift and don’t have a lot of time for witchcraft. I try to learn what I can when I can but I’m feeling very overwhelmed with work and trying to fit witchcraft in my schedule, any and all advice is welcome, please no hurtful comments I’m trying my best,


You do not have to worry about that. Witchcraft is not an obligation, you have to take your time and listen to your body. Even when practice is important, you don’t have to “force” yourself to do everything. Some days you will feel so tired that you won’t want to do any witchcraft, and other days you will feel the need to do something. The most important thing is to agree with what you do, not to do more than you can give or you could suffer a burnout. And above all, don’t feel guilty for absolutely nothing, you’re doing it right. :heart:

Don’t worry for feeling overwhelmed, it happens sometimes, but when you feel “the call” to do something, you will find the energy to do it. Enjoy the path, even if it’s a little slower than you thought when you started, and enjoy the learning.

Blessed be!


Warm greetings @amy58 :blush:

I completely empathize with the struggle of trying to balance magick and the mundane. When things get busy, it can be really hard to find time for spellwork!

Luckily, magick doesn’t have to be all formal rituals beneath the moonlight (I mean, it can if you want it to, but not all magick requires hours of prepwork and ceremony). There are many ways to weave magick and your beliefs into your everyday life, in subtle yet reassuring ways.

A while back we had a Casual Casting Challenge- I recommend taking a peek at the examples in the challenge as well as all the wonderful entries that were shared by fellow coven members. There are some great methods and tips for bringing magick into your days in small but effective ways! :magic_wand:

Casual Casting Challenge Entries
Spells8 Challenge Witch Casual Informal Magick

@Silverbear has a great video about fun ways to work some quick and easy witchcraft, so I’ll share that here too:

Wishing you all the best with your job, @amy58, and I hope that with time you’re able to find some balance between work and your practice!

Much love and blessed be! :heart:


Witchcraft practicing can be as simple as brushing your teeth and saying in your head - may this paste I scrub on my teeth today help me communicate better in every way. So mote it be.

BAM! You just did witchcraft.

It’s nice every once in awhile to do the big ritual with all the things…but “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” lol




What wonderful ideas to bring the Craft into everyday life! Thanks for sharing :two_hearts:


Hi @amy58!

I think there’s this THING where witches must cast at night. Nope, you can do it any time of day. I get up early so I’m tired and useless at night so I do my magic first thing in the morning. And like the others said, you don’t have to do something big. It’s all good, there’s not some cosmic scorecard keeping up after you.

Be gentle with yourself and the rest will come!


Firstly, you won’t have to worry about any hurtful comments here! :heart: We’re all a fairly friendly bunch and we just want to help out when we can!

Second, I agree with what everyone else has already said. Take your time, listen to your body and your heart. Don’t force anything or you’ll just end up feeling burnt-out.

I’m a busy homeschooling mom, freelance writer, content creator, crochet artist, etc. Sometimes I can go months without performing any spells or even meditating. It happens :woman_shrugging: and when we hold ourselves to impossible standards for our life and schedule we can just end up feeling like crap.

I recommend starting with one thing. Get yourself in the groove with your new job before trying to add anything to your new schedule. Then slowly add in one thing at a time. Schedule them in your calendar if you need to, there’s nothing wrong with that. And as @Amethyst said – you don’t have to practice witchcraft at night! I do most of my work during the day or in the morning.

Give yourself grace as you adjust to your new schedule :sparkles: :pray: it’ll all be okay!


@amy58 I agree with @SilverBear, just do it as a part of your every day being! And @MeganB begin with doing ONE thing. Then just add it to your day to day - the rituals might be harder if you need to do something, create something like a spell bag/bottle, or other things, but general day to day should just work it’s way into your driving, living, eating, breathing, doing!! Blessed Be!!! :brown_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart:


The study of magick isn’t like a regimented job.
It’s more like playing with the wind. You don’t always feel it, but you know it’s there.
Or more aptly, like water, you don’t always need it, but when you do? It’s there.
Some people study the Arts and then, for whatever reason (usually life), they take a break.
BUT! Later, when they feel the call, it’s right there, in front of you, waiting.

There’s an old Chinese saying. “The oxen is slow, but the earth is patient.”
I think it may have been Confucius.

With the greatest of love